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I received a review copy of the e-book “60 Quick and Easy Science Experiments With Everyday Items” from  Touch of Home Learning about a week or so ago, but I needed to grab some supplies before my son and I could really try them out. Most of the experiments use items found around the house, we just happened to be out of certain ingredients like vinegar, borax and black construction paper.

The book itself is divided into two parts, each neatly categorized with sections such as “Space,” “Earth,” “Dinosaurs,”Bubbles’ and so on. Each section contains several experiments that can be done with minutes for the easier ones and under an hour for the more involved ones (the volcano experiment, for example, requires pre-building the actual volcanic structure). The first experiment Jake and I did took seconds and required nothing more than a 2-Liter bottle, some hot water and a match (obviously I handled the match part). Within seconds, we demonstrated how clouds form. The book also includes recipes for a few fun staples like play-dough, flubber and other random globs and goos. What little kid doesn’t love messy, gooey stuff?

Aside from the fantastic organizational structure of the book, I really like the fact that some of the experiments are so simple, even a young preschooler could easily do them with very little assistance, yet others are challenging enough for all elementary school ages. Another nice feature, along with every experiment, Touch of Home Learning provides discussion questions and a little information about what the experiment does. I do wish they went into a little more detail about the “why” behind the science, especially since I have a child who needs to know the ins and outs of everything.

I also urge you to check out their website. Look on the right hand side, about halfway down for a list of other crafts and experiments, they provide dozens of cool ones right on their website. You can either get the supplies yourself to create the craft, or you can purchase a handy kit directly from them.

BUY IT- You can purchase this e-book for $54.95 at Touch of Home Learning



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