Jake has been asking me for an umbrella for months now, but it was just one of those things that never happened. It’s not that an umbrella is an unreasonable or expensive request, I just never found one cute enough around here for a decent price. So when I saw a ton of blogs hosting Kidorable umbrella giveaways, I started entering like mad. I finally won one from My Little House of Treasures about three days ago. Well, in what has to be the absolute fastest giveaway turnaround ever, the umbrella arrived on my doorstep today.

While I was certain Jake would go with the Pirate one, he ended up picking this one:

The umbrella is as cute in person as it is in the picture. I love that it’s small enough for his pint-sized hands to hang on to, but still big enough to keep him safe from getting soaked in a downpour. Actually, it’s big enough for me to stand under. It’s also super easy to open and close. The closing mechanism is a little button, which drastically reduces the risk of getting pinched.  But what really sold me on Kidorable is the fact that they shipped my prize to me so quickly. If they’re that fast when they’re giving something away, imagine how they must treat paying customers! I’ve won prizes that take months to arrive, which kind of turns me off the company. But Kidorable completely rocked in the customer satisfaction department!  I’m thinking about getting the boy child some cute rain boots from them soon.

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