No review today, I’m too exhausted! I’ve been managing the Easter Bunny photo set at my local mall the last two weeks, and tonight was the last night. Of course, everyone waits until the last minute to come out, and we had a bit of a nerve-wracking moment where we thought we were going to run out of ink and paper for the printers, but we made it through! I’ve been doing this at Christmas and Easter since 2002, and while I love it, I’m always glad when the season ends. I can get back to writing, blog hopping, networking, and just relaxing. No more worries about bunnies calling in sick or customers freaking out on me because I can’t get their very terrified child to smile (most of the time, I’d settle for NOT kicking the poor bunny in an effort to escape!).

I have two giveaways ending tomorrow night- the Purex Zout and the Gogo’s Crazy Bones, both with really low entries.The $10 Amazon Certificate giveaway ends on the 25th.

I’m also participating in the Bunny Hop Blog Style hop, so check that out, there are lots of great blogs to visit.

Have a wonderful Easter!



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