I love exploring Etsy and looking at all the awesome handmade goodies that people far more talented than I come up with. From stunning jewelry to luscious soaps, I’m always finding amazing products to add to my “favorites” list. While browsing is all I can afford to do most days, when I inevitably win the lottery (think positive!), I’ll be snatching up all the goodies on my list (at least those that are still there).

The first thing I’m grabbing is one of the gorgeous hand-stamped pieces by Bracelets by Linda. I’ve known Linda through a message board for years, and her designs are so unique. I’m trying to decide between her classy charm bracelet,  or her more simple yet elegant double tag with name and birthstone. What do you think?

I am completely fascinated by the realistic looking tributes to everything geeky on Digitalsoaps. All their soap replicas look just like the real thing. I know my son would go nuts for the XBOX controller soap, but I’m partial to the old-school NES controller. Bonus- it’s chocolate mint scented! Yum!!

My Kindle has been begging me for a new case, something cute to tote it around in. Currently, it’s protected by a boring, very cheap cover that I grabbed online in desperation. I was scared to use it without some sort of protection, so I bought the cheapest thing I could find at the time. Wouldn’t it look cute in one of these sweet little sleeves by Britgal Designs? I love the cheerful colors, and elephants are my favorite animal.

How about this tasty looking bath bomb by Sugar Tush? They look good enough to eat! The description has my mouth watering, which shouldn’t be possible when talking about stuff you put in your tub! A top note of coconut, a middle note of buttercream, and a base note of deep cocoa- please tell me she makes real cupcakes too!

Jake, who has always been fascinated by skeletons and skulls despite being just about everything else that goes bump in the night, wants the Meurtos Sugar Skullfrom from Kat Brunnegraff’s shop, and I just love the Argyle Owl Pillow:

These are just a few things currently on my favorites list from Etsy. I love supporting people who make things by hand, not just because they’re independent businesses, because there no two handmade items are ever exactly alike. Sure, they may LOOK alike from time to time, but somewhere within, there is always at least one tiny detail that makes them truly unique.


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