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Remember back before money, when people would trade for what they needed? You need corn and I have it, I need flour and you have it, and in the end, we’re both happy. Or better yet, you have a coffee bean plantation,  I have a cow that produces milk, together we have a latte. Okay, I don’t really remember those days either, because obviously I wasn’t born yet. If I was, I’d be immortal, and they usually have a lot more money than my bank account currently reflects. But while trading for essential goods such as food and coffee has become a thing of the past, trading for media products is alive and well on The site boasts the largest community of swappers in the world, with thousands of video games, books, movies, and music available for trading.

The process is fairly simple: sign up, make a list of things you want, make a list of things you have. Once you list items that you own, click on one of them. will show you all the items you can get in exchange. Pick on, and will initiate the trade. They’ll send your item to you, and you;ll send yours to the address provided. Because the site uses a trading algorithm to initiate trades among several people, you may not be sending your item to the same person that is sending yours. Basically, it’s like you have the coffee beans that Sue wants, I have the milk that you need, and Sue has the chocolate syrup that I need. So I give you the milk, you give Sue the coffee, and she gives me the syrup. In the end, we have the ingredients for a mocha latte. But wait! What if Sue goes back on her end of the deal? Then I’m out my chocolate syrup! Well, has a plan in place for that. As of October 1,  2010, they have a Safe-Swap, so if your trading partner doesn’t come through, will buy you the item.

Another great part of is their Swap4Schools program. Teachers, librarians, and other educational staff in K-12 schools can list the items they need, and generous swappers can send or drop them off at the appropriate school. This is a great way to help out your community and further the education of our future leaders. Since the program began, over 6,000 items have been donated to schools.

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