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I suffer from major seasonal allergies, although they never seemed to be confined to just one season. In the spring and summer, it’s the pollen that gets me. Come winter, it’s the dust from being trapped inside all day. I have yet to figure out what sort of environmental allergen is attacking me in the fall. Maybe my sinuses are still just annoyed from suffering the rest of the year and no one told them they should take a break. Now, most people with allergies can pop a pill of some sort and be good to go. Well, theoretically, I can too, but almost all of them knock me out. Even the so-called non-drowsy medicines make me all sorts of loopy. Loratadine is the only medication that doesn’t make me tired or goofy, but it HAS to be the generic version. I don’t know why, I’ve never figured it out, and I don’t question it because the brand name version is super expensive compared to the generic.

Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products offers a great version Loratadine called Wal-Itin. I like it because, aside from doing exactly what it’s supposed to do (relieve my runny nose and itchy, watery eyes), each box lasts a whole month (except for those pesky 31-day months), and it only costs about $14. That’s a whole lot less than the national brands with the same ingredient. What makes this deal even better is that every purchase of  Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Product supports bringing preventive wellness services to local communities through the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™.  This fund provides free preventive health tests and other health and wellness services and education to local communities. Walgreens will contribute up to $3 million dollars a year to the fund.

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