HerZineToday’s Christmas in July Sponsor Spotlight post belongs to HerZine, a website designed for women and created by women. Now, I should disclose right now that I may be a little biased about the sheer awesomeness of the site, because my mom is the primary driving force behind it. Technically, it’s supposed to be a joint project, but my role ends at writing some of the articles. She handles everything else, from writing a significant amount of the content, designing the site, organizing everything in an easy-to-follow way, and all the technical things that come into play when running a website. The concept of the site arose from my desire to write more stuff in my own voice, versus the style in which I was expected to write for other content sites. We wanted to create something that was informative, but also fun. There are some good sites out there that provide content, basic answers to what you want to know and little more. HerZine strives to be more like a comfy place to learn new information without being bogged down by formulaic writing.

About HerZine

HerZine features articles on everything from caring for your dry hair to careers to how to optimize your chances of getting pregnant (something I know way too much about, since it took me six years to get pregnant with Jacob). Every article is written using only the most reputable sources possible and fact-checked for accuracy. Categories include beauty, women’s health, kids corner, and more. HerZine was launched in February, 2011. The ultimate goal for the site is to provide a large database of informative and fun articles covering just about everything a woman may want to know. As the site grows, more categories will be added, and hopefully the site will eventually support hiring on extra writers.

HerZine’s Prize Contribution

HerZine is providing a $25 Amazon Gift Card to the Christmas in July package, so you can pick out some awesome books, movies, or whatever else you need to make your summer a little more relaxing.

The HerZine Sponsor Spotlight Early/Extra Entry Form

You can snag yourself an early entry into the Christmas in July giveaway by heading over to HerZine, taking a look around, then coming back here and telling me what you would like to see covered on the site.¬† Leave your answer on the Rafflecopter form, in the first “I Did This” section. For a second extra entry, follow HerZine on twitter (the link is on the form to make everything nice and easy!).

Note about the Early/Extra entry system- all entries from all the early entries and the main giveaway will be exported to a single Excel form, and the winner will be chosen from all the entries. Thank you for supporting HerZine, we appreciate it!

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