Jake has been playing with Hexbugs since last year, when we hosted a party right after he started Kindergarten, so of course he was super thrilled to find out that we were selected to host another party, this time featuring the awesome Hexbug Halloween Nanos and glow in the dark habitat sets. These little bugs are so much fun!

We received an amazing party pack from Mommy Parties with the Glow-in-the-Dark Habitat and Elevation Habitat,  a bunch of Nano-filled test tubes, and a whole box of the Hexbug Nano coffins.


Our Hexbug Nano Halloween Party

Our party was a simple after-school get-together, with the kids pretty much given free reign to just play. Every time I try to organize a ton of activities, the kids engage in them for about five minutes before they want to get back to just doing their own thing with the new toys, so this time I set everything out for them and said “have at it.”

Part of the fun of playing with Hexbugs is designing their habitat, and there were a lot of opinions on what should go where. Here are a couple of the habitats the kids put together, plus a closer look at the bugs. The habitat setups were too big to fit the entire things into the picture, but you get the idea.


Hexbug Halloween


Hexbug Halloween

After deciding on a setup, the kids had races with their Hexbugs. They started them from different sides and the first bug to the middle won. I played once, and my bug never even made it through the starting gate. Remind me never to bet on horses.  Unfortunately, I do not have video of the races as I planned to because it came out really dark and cruddy. I seriously need to invest in a good camera as soon as I have the money.

Everyone had a fun time, especially since they all got to take home bugs of their own. I even have a few spares left over to give away during the Trick or Treat hop at the end of this week. The Hexbug Halloween Nano bugs and habitat set were definitely a huge hit with both the boys and the girls. I think the coffins were the biggest hit though, they were really cute! I love having these types of parties because Jake is an only child and it gives him a chance to hang out with other kids.


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