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I am a researcher by nature. If I can’t find info in a book, magazine, or online, then I just can’t learn it. So of course when I got pregnant with Jacob, I read every single book on the planet just to make sure I knew what I was doing when he was born. Yes, I tried to teach myself to be a mom the same way I taught myself about human sleep cycles (which, by the way, babies DO NOT follow!).  As I’m sure all those seasoned, veteran moms know, that didn’t work as well as I thought it would. Maybe Jake should have read all the rule books before he was born, that way he’d know how to act so I would know what to expect.

After Jake was born, I was in constant panic mode. He was a preemie, his arm was broken, and he had colic. The colic was actually the worst part. I signed up for American Baby Magazine before Jake was even born and started reading it to get a head start on this whole parenting thing. Thank goodness I saved every article on colic that they published (and thank goodness colic seems to be a popular subject, because there were a bunch). With Jake, every trick worked once and only once, then I had to move on to something else, so those articles got a lot of use. Every month I also read the magazine cover to cover to make sure Jake was doing what he was supposed to be doing, find cute new stuff that he absolutely needed, and just relax for five minutes with the knowledge that I wasn’t the only person out there trying to learn how to be a mom. The fact that American Baby Magazine is free makes it all the more amazing. I highly recommend it to any new mom. In fact, even you seasoned, veteran moms could probably still learn a thing or two about babies! As I’m learning, parenting is not something you master overnight.

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