I’ve been saying for months that the holidays are getting closer and closer. Well, now they’re here! It’s been a week since the man in red made his way down the streets of NYC, signaling the official start of the holiday shopping season. Times are tight all around, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of every last cent while you’re wrapping those presents and filling those stockings. At zuuzs, you’ll not only find great deals, but you’ll also earn cash back. If that was all, zuuzs would still be pretty cool, but they take the cash back a step further by allowing you to create a Circle of Friendzs, so you can earn cash back on their purchases too.

Here’s how it works: I join zuuzs and invite my mom, she signs up and invites my aunt Donna. Then, I head to zuuzs and check out the featured deals. I see an awesome deal where I can save $20 off any $60 order at The Body Shop. I love The Body Shop! So I click through, fill my card with $60 worth of stuff, use my coupon code, and get my $20 off. On top of that, I earn up to 2.4% cash back. My mom also loves the deal and does the same thing. She earns her 2.4% cash back, and I earn 40% of that same amount. Now, say my aunt logs in, sees the great deal for up to 50% off holiday gifts at Barnes & Noble. She buys a ton of books for my cousin, and gets 1.8% cash back. My mom gets 40% of that amount, and I get 25%. It’s like a trickle-down effect. Your immediate friends shop, you get 40% of whatever they receive in cash back, their immediate friends shop, and you get 25% of it.

The Circle of Friendzs gives you an extra incentive to share all those great deals you find. When you shop through zuuzs, you’ll enjoy all the same sales and discounts offered by the individual retail sites, plus you’ll get a little something extra. Sharing the love is always a good thing, but if you know that telling your great aunt Sally (who happens to be in your circle) about the hot deal you just saw on orthopedic slippers will net you some extra cash, you’re more likely to push that little “share” button. If you’re a blogger, sign up for their affiliate program and earn even more!

If you still need more reasons to sign up for zuuzs, starting today (12/1/11) zuuzs will be sponsoring a giveaway hosted by Simply Stacie and Sassy Mama in L.A. offering prizes such as a Kindle Fire, Amazon Gift Cards and more. I also suggest liking zuuzs on Facebook and following zuuzs on Twitter to keep up with news and deals.



Disclosure: This post is part of a compensated campaign for zuuzs. All opinions are my own.

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