So here we are, the dreaded 2012. The subject of much debate, conspiracy theories, panic attacks, and blockbuster motion pictures (and a few made-for-TV disasters). I personally do not think the world is any more likely to end in December of this year as it is on any other given day of the week. Besides, the world was supposed to end so many times already, and we’re all still here. Remember Y2K? I think last year it was supposed to end twice, right? It was also supposed to start to end on 5/5/2000 according to a book I read. I’m not too concerned. If it ends, well, it’s not like I’ll be around to cry about it, right?

I found this inforgraphic on that pits doomsday believers against skeptics and breaks down each argument. Just the fun we need for a boring Wednesday afternoon! Enjoy!




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