Everyone has a potential future Nobel Prize winner in their family. I hate to say it, but kids today are way smarter than we were! I mean, we were pretty smart too and all, but at 7, my son runs circles around the level I was at when I was his age. Revolutionizing the world and winning a major prize at some point in their lives is definitely not as far out of the reach as it may be for us. Start encouraging their creativity and critical thinking skills with a building toy that was actually used by Nobel Prize winners: Euclid’s Zometool Building Sets.

Zometool has such a cool history behind it, but with my limited understanding of math and science, even I’m a little lost following it. If you’re more advanced in those areas, I highly suggesting reading their About us page, it’s pretty fascinating! Even NASA scientists have used Zometool building kits!

Fun with the Creator 1 Zometool Kit

Jacob and I are definitely not NASA scientists (although he’s well on his way), but w e still had a great time playing with the Creator 1 kit. It comes with 256 parts, including 60 nodes (the things that look like balls) and 186 struts in different colors and sizes.

I love how the set completely inspires creative play. While Zometool does make some great sets that provide a little more direction, the Creator 1 is all about coming up with your own designs and thinking outside the box. They do have a booklet with directions for a few different structures, but we decided to just do whatever we thought of.

Proving once again that he is smarter than me at times, Jacob picked up a few struts and nodes and started connecting them. I picked up a few struts and nodes and tried to connect them, but couldn’t figure it out. I looked to my son and asked him how he was getting them in so fast. He explained that each color strut fits into a different shape in the node. Oh! So that’s why there were different shaped holes on it! I thought it was just to make it prettier! Score one for Jacob in the “I’m smarter than my mom” department.

We both created our own little design, then added them together into one big one. Okay, so it doesn’t exactly look like he cool DNA strands or elaborate balls that the Nobel Prize winners made, but hey, it was still fun and came out pretty cool to us!

Jacob has been playing with his Creator 1 kit a lot since we got it. He loves building new things, taking them apart, and starting all over again. I would definitely recommend the Zometool kits to kids of any ages (over 3, there are small parts). They’d make a perfect gift for the holidays!

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