Celebrate Apple and Apricot Month With Delicious Recipes

January is “Apple and Apricot” Month, according to Brownie Locks (my favorite site for finding strange and unusual holiday observances!).  Now, I’m pretty sure Apples get their own month entirely ( I believe it’s November or some fall month), but the two combined together are something totally different! These recipes combine both delicious fruits into one yummy food creation, allowing you to experience the best that both fruits have to offer.

Benefits of Apples and Apricots

Both fruits are relatively low in calories and packed with nutrition, making them the perfect snack on their own. Apricots are perfect for those with a sweet tooth, while apples satisfy the need for something crunchy. Apricots are rich in nutrients that may help prevent age-related vision loss. The fruits are also high in fiber, so they help you feel fuller longer (plus, you know, help keep you regular and all that good stuff). Apples may even help you breathe better, as preliminary research has found that eating 5 a week is linked to better lung health.

Choose the best apricot by looking for one that is firm, plump, nicely formed and an orange to yellow-orange color. Skip the mushy ones. Also, keep in mind that while an apricot may change in texture and shape as it ripens off the vine, once picked, the taste will not change much. It’s better to get the right apricot than to hope the wrong one gets better as it ripens!

Recipes with Apples and Apricots

Do you have a favorite apple and apricot recipe? Have you ever tried a dish that combined the two fruits together? I don’t think I ever have! I’m definitely going to try the Acorn, Apple and Apricot Chicken one night. I’ve had Apricot chicken, but never with apple.

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  1. Cecile says:

    Olive Garden has an Apricot Chicken dish that is low cal. It is delicious!

  2. Heather M says:

    The pork chops with apples and apricots looks great!!

  3. Rachel H says:

    Oh! Apples are my utter fave! We drink spiced cider till it comes off the shelves and I love baking apple dumplings in the winter. This stein you used here is awesome too btw!

  4. Annabelle says:

    I’ll be honest, I’ve never given apricots much love (when I was a kid my mom used to put dried ones in trail mix and insisted I eat them…not sure I’ve recovered) but I think I could try them again with that apricot-apple smoothie recipe- it sounds really good!

  5. Michele says:

    My husband loves this pork chop dish his mom makes using apricots. Thanks for sharing.

  6. JaShawndra R says:

    The double crust apple & apricot pie sounds delicious. thanks for sharing

  7. Brandi says:

    I’ve never really tried apricots at least that I can remember but these recipes sound delicious, especially the cinnamon buns and the bread pudding!! I recently started making my daughters baby food and I will be sure to add apricots to her menu one week.

    • Nicole Etolen says:

      I’ve only recently tried apricots as an actual ingredient in food. I’ve never been a big fan of them on their own, but I tried apricot chicken that was surprisingly amazing. I’m really weird about combining food groups too, lol.

  8. kewkew says:

    These sound yummy

  9. Thanks for the recipes! Those all sound yummy!

  10. カースパイク 激安 says:

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!芒鈧?Good article


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