I’m a Shaklee180 Blogger!

I am so excited to announce that, out of nearly 500 applications, I was one of 90 bloggers chosen to be a Shaklee180 blogger. Considering that I was always the last picked for anything when I was little, this was a big and happy surprise. Hey, elementary school damaged me on so many levels, what can I say? I still get all shocked when I get chosen for anything. Why is this so exciting? Because, quite honestly, I’m sick of being overweight and want to lose weight, but I need a whole lot of help and motivation to do it. The Shaklee180 blogger program will give that to me. Aside from the products I’ll receive to help me reach my goals, the whole community is super supportive.

Here’s the part that freaks me out, though: I have to do video posts once a month. If you’ve ever seen the few video posts I’ve done on Pretty Opinionated, they’ve all featured my son. Alas, I can’t get away with that for the Shaklee180 vlogs, so you’ll see just how horrific I am in front of a camera. I am much better in writing than I am as a speaker. Fortunately, my ex was a videographer and taught me a little about video editing, so I can get rid of all the “ummms” and “uhhhhs.”

Starting in April, I’ll share my journey to get in shape and get healthy with you through monthly blog posts and the aforementioned monthly video, so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: I will be receiving Shaklee180 products and incentives to help me on my journey and in exchange for my honest posts. My opinions, as always, are my own.

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  1. Katy says:

    Excited to make this journey with you. I’m a little terrified of the video portion too. I’m sure I will write everything out and do a dozen takes before I am ok with one of them – Katy

  2. Holly says:

    OH make sure you give the rest of us some tips on the uhs and umms. Congrats and I cant wait to follow your journey!

    • Nicole Etolen says:

      Here’s tip number one: the “trim” and the “start,” “stop,” and “stitch” features in your video editing program are your friends! LOL. I just have to make sure I don’t stitch together something like me wearing red one minute and blue the next!

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