Nemo Hits the Poconos…Barely

With all the hype about Nemo over the days leading up to the storm, I was expecting to be shoveling snow for at least two days. While the national media was mostly covering Boston (and rightly so, they really got slammed!), my local media was calling for anything from 6-16 inches. First we were just going to get it on Friday night, then at the last minute they changed it to all day Friday. In the end, we had clear skies until after 6pm Friday night and ended up with maybe 6 inches total. The power even stayed on all night!

Photos of Nemo in the Poconos


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  1. candice says:

    We got quite a bit here in New York. We live about 10 minutes outside of Danbury, CT and they got hit hard. Glad you are safe.

    • Nicole Etolen says:

      I heard you got a ton up there! My aunt lives up that way, and I think she’s still shoveling out. I’m glad you made it through your first blizzard!

  2. Lindsey G says:

    Yay for your power staying on – but that still looks like a lot of snow to me! {We only see about 3 inches at the most!}

  3. Dawn says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! We have got basically nothing as far as snow goes this winter here in North Carolina. I am a little bit gorgeous!


  4. Amber K says:

    We haven’t gotten much snow at all this year so I’m a little jealous. I love that you caught the snow falling too – so pretty <3

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