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All moms know that breastmilk is best for babies. Still, there are many moms out there who either choose not to breastfeed for personal reasons or can't for medical reasons. In my case, it was a bit of both. Whatever the reason, moms who choose formula want to make sure their baby is getting the best possible nutrition. The caveat: formula can be incredibly expensive, making moms feel like they have to choose between feeding their baby superior nutrtion and, say, paying the bills. With Parent’s Choice™ Infant Formula, clinically proven to be as well-tolerated as the national brands, moms can rest assured that they don't have to choose any longer. They'll get both superior nutrition and costs that they can actually afford.

Parent’s Choice Formulas are clinically proven to be as well tolerated as the national brands.

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Let's talk about that statement for a moment, as it's an important one. All babies are different. While many babies never experience a problem with formula, others can be incredibly sensitive to the ingredients. Finding a well-tolerated formula may mean trying different types. Parent’s Choice™ offers different types of formula based on your baby's needs. These include:

  • Parent’s Choice™ Advantage Powdered Formula
  • Parent’s Choice™ Premium Powder Formula
  • Parent’s Choice™ Gentle Powdered Formula
  • Parent’s Choice™ Sensitivity Powdered Formula

I used Parent’s Choice™ back when Jacob was a baby. It just made sense to me, as it saved me so much money. Believe me, I compared the ingredients to national brands and did the research. I was a neurotic new mom! When my son had colic, I used the Parent’s Choice™ Gentle Powdered Formula. When he got through that stage, I switched to the Parent’s Choice™ Advantage Powdered Formula. Prices have changed over the years, but right now, you can save a whopping $574.74 a year on Parent’s Choice™ Advantage Powdered Formula versus the leading national brand of the same type. I don't know about you, but I could definitely use that $574+ in my pocket!

Head over to Walmart to compare the savings between your current formula and Parent’s Choice™ Infant Formula. Are you surprised at the results? New moms have so much to worry about as it is, especially when the option for breastfeeding is off the table. At least finding a high-quality formula at a decent price doesn't have to be one of those worries.

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