I have a crazy amount of hair. It’s long and thick, which means it’s kind of a pain to wash. I am really thinking about getting half of it chopped off again. I usually get it cut to my shoulders every summer but skipped this year. I decided to see how long I could grow it. Committed to this experiment and everything! Now I’m rethinking it and itching to get it chopped. It’s not like it doesn’t grow fast! Ever see Interview with a Vampire? You know how Claudia’s hair grows right back the minute she chops it off? Well, mine isn’t quite that extreme, but darn close!

Since I have so much hair, it seems like I spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning it. I love how Clear Scalp & Hair from Walmart really gets hair clean and beautiful. It is an Allure award winner, so you know it has to be good! Clear is the only hair care range with Nutrium 10 in it. What does that mean? I wanted to know too, so I looked it up. Basically, Nutrium 10 penetrates through your hair to your scalp to build up your natural defenses against dandruff. It also clears up existing dandruff. So basically, you get beautiful hair right away, plus using it regularly helps keep it beautiful for the future!

Save $1.50 on Clear products at Walmart!

Save $1.50 when you buy any Clear product at Walmart. Clear gently cleanses and nourishes the scalp for hair that’s 10x more resilient, strong, and beautiful. Clear  is currently on rollback exclusively at Walmart for $4.48. With coupon, that’s less than $3! Where else can you get such an amazing deal?  Click here to print your coupon.

What are your biggest hair concerns? Have you tried the Clear Scalp & Hair line from Walmart?

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