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Welcome to the Banned Book Week Giveaway Hop, hosted by I am a Reader and BookHounds. This giveaway hop is different from the usual, because every blog will feature something related to banned books. Sorry, this time you don’t get away with short and sweet before entering. I am incredibly passionate about preventing censorship, so I’m going to talk a bit about this before getting to the point. Of course, you can pretend you read it and just enter below.

Banned Books in the 21st Century? How backwards is that?

I am really astounded that we still have to raise awareness about banned books in the 21st century. You’d think that by now, the archaic notion that reading a book can cause harm would be a thing of the past. How can anyone still feel that they have a right to push their opinions and close-minded views on others? Okay, fine, technically the 1st Amendment secures their right to FEEL that way. It even secures their right to speak up. However, it does NOT give them a right to force others to live by their opinions or beliefs.

Yet sadly, there are still people out there who feel this way. People who believe that reading a book about magic will invite the devil or something into your home (as a Pagan, I don’t believe in the devil). Or that reading about a character doing drugs will make you want to do them too. Honestly, I don’t really understand what drives some people to hop on their busy-body crazy-trains and try to get books banned. I try to respect most people, as I want to be respected as well. I cannot, however, respect someone who tries to force their beliefs on others by censoring what I can see, hear or read.

I’m going to get off my personal soapbox now and turn you over to some resources I think you should check out. You can find them on the  Banned Books Week website, I just chose a few that I think are must-reads.


I’m giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card so you can go buy a couple banned books to read with your family (or just for yourself). Giveaway is open to US residents age 18+.

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