With my brother living nearly four hours away, we miss a lot of my niece’s firsts. Her first steps, her first words, even her first birthday party. My brother tries to include us as much as possible by sending us videos, but seeing it afterward isn’t quite the same as being there. Now, if we could watch it on a bigger screen at the same time it was happening, that would be a whole different story!

Stream Your Life in Real Time with XFINITY

XFINITY is launching an awesome new feature that will let you do just that: share your life on a bigger screen! A brand new feature of the XFINITY X1 Entertainment OS platform lets you stream your life from your phone right to your bigger screen when you download the mobile app from INFINITY. You can also send it to your contacts who have INFINITY, so they can watch it on their big screen while it’s happening!

When Abbie was born, my brother sent us a video of her all swaddled, sweet and new. Sure, she didn’t do a whole lot that first day, but it was still the best video. It was Christmas day, so she was like a sweet little package. We really wanted to be there, but it all happened kind of fast and we just weren’t able to get down there. It was hard being so far away. While nothing would have replaced being there in person, seeing her live on a big screen would have made us feel closer.

Back here in PA, my son is turning 10 this year! While he’s way beyond the baby firsts, he’s still doing amazing things that I’d love to share. His dad lives three states away and doesn’t get to see him that often. I’m sure he’d love to see Jake on a bigger screen, especially on the day Jacob finally learned to swim! That was a HUGE deal because Jake spent the first 8 years of his life hanging on to the side of the pool!

I can think of so many great ways to use this feature from XFINITY. My best friend has a baby shower coming up and I’m sure some guests won’t be able to make it. This would let them still see the fun! With dozens of parties and events over the summer, there will be tons of moments that I’ll want to share with family and friends.

The possibilities are really quite endless. You can even capture a moment for your own benefit and watch it over and over on a bigger screen through the cloud storage that you get with the XFINITY X1 EOS.

Life is full of exciting moments that are just too big to watch on a tiny screen. Get them off your phone and start live-streaming them to bigger screens! Visit the XFINITY X1 Product Page to learn more and find out about availability.

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