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Did you know that at Red Robin, you can eat burgers with your family AND support your favorite school? It's true!

Did you know that at Red Robin, you can eat burgers with your family AND support your favorite school? It’s true!  All you need is an appetite and a Red Robin Royalty member account, both of which are free! Then, when you visit your local Red Robin and use your Royalty account, 1% of your total bill (minus tip and taxes) goes to the school of your choice. So you get to eat food you love and support your child’s school!

Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools program

Red Robin’s Burgers for Better Schools Program

Thanks to Red Robin’s $75 gift card (which you’ll have a chance to win too, down below!), I took my mom and Jacob out to dinner last weekend. We were out running around all day and starving. Before we left, I signed up for a Red Robin Royalty account and then picked my son’s school for the Burgers for Better Schools program. You can always change the school later. This is great if you have two kids in different schools and want to split your support midway through the program.

Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools program


Jacob, of course, grabbed the tablet from the table and asked if he could play the games. They have some of his favorite apps (like Plants vs. Zombies) and it’s only an extra $1.99 to play. I like that because it beats putting a ton of quarters into arcade games.

Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools program

Jacob surprised me by ordering carrots with ranch dressing as his side item to his chicken tenders. I didn’t even know he liked ranch dressing! He said he’s been eating it at school since 1st grade. I think he’s exaggerating. In any case, I’m always thrilled when he eats something new.

Red Robin 5

My mom and I both ordered chicken burgers. I love that they have so many chicken choices, since I don’t eat beef.  Red Robin is known for their burgers, and I appreciate the fact that they’ve expanded the word to encompass more than just traditional beef patties. That’s the mark of a true Gourmet Burger Authority.

Remember, even though it’s called Burgers for Better Schools, anything you order counts. So if you’re feeling more like a salad and an entree, go for it! Just make sure you either show or swipe your Royalty card (or enter your phone number if you choose to go cardless) at the time of your purchase. The Royalty Membership also lets you earn other great rewards, like free items and discounts. You can track everything- including your contributions to your school- through your member page. You can also donate a lump sum directly to your school through the dashboard, or spread the word socially to get others involved.

Learn more by visiting Red Robin’s Burgers for Better Schools program!

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