Looking for the perfect adult coloring book to melt stress away? These fairytale coloring books are gorgeous options. Fairytale creatures and stories have always been a great escape for me; I love the beautifully detailed worlds they live in! Fairytales aren’t just for kids, but it can sometimes be hard to find a good fairytale coloring book for adults in a sea of books for kids. These adult coloring books are sure to melt the stress away for every princess, fairy and even villain fan!

Looking for coloring books for adults to melt your stress away? These gorgeous fairytale inspired books are just what you need to unwind! These pages are full of inspiration!

7 Fairytale Coloring Books For Adults That Will Melt Stress Away

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Mermaids- Calm Ocean Coloring Collection

If you’ve been looking for a book that is a happy medium between simple designs and overly patterned pages, Mermaids Calm Ocean Coloring Collection is definitely a coloring book you want to check out. This book is steeped in fantasy and will make you want to come back to this book again and again with your pencils. Are you a mermaid fan?

Enchanted Fairies

Delicate fairies with fluttering wings have been some of my favorites to color for a while, and Enchanted Fairies doesn’t disappoint. This fun book includes thirty-one pages full of gorgeous fairies nestled among flowers and trees. This is the kind of book where I find I use every single pencil!

Disney Villains

The bad guys are in town with this book! I love the concept in the Art of Disney Villains coloring book, it’s a book I want to sink my pencils right into. This book is heavily patterned, but many of the spaces you can fill in similarly to if you were coloring a book without the extra patterns. I also noticed that some of the images are modernized versions of the Villains. For example, Gaston from Beauty And The Beast is snapping selfies with an iPhone, Anastasia and Drizella from Cinderella show off their modern handbags. Overall the concepts in this book are super fun and it feels totally different from the typical coloring book!

Belles And Blossoms

These gorgeous maidens in the Belle And Blossoms coloring book are right out of a storybook! This book is packed with sixty-four pages of highly detailed, full-page illustrations. Expect many beautiful women set in backgrounds of beautiful sweeping floral illustrations. This book is bursting full of design for the intermediate to advanced person who loves to color. Don’t expect many white spaces in this book!

The Snow Queen

I know many people think of Frozen for kids, but what if they had options for adults too? This book called “Coloring The Classics: The Snow Queen” should totally fit the bill for the ice princess loving friend you know. Get ready to sharpen those blue and silver pencils for this book.

Fairy Art

Another beautiful Fairy Art coloring book, Fairy Art does not disappoint with fun and detailed drawings. This book is best described as “stunningly beautiful” with artwork that goes beyond your typical book. This is a book you will want to work through from beginning to end, is this more your style?

Disney Princesses

I am a big Disney fan; after all, I am just a kid at heart. When I stumbled across this Disney Princesses coloring book I have to say I was a little bit skeptical. I expected the book would be packed full of the classic princesses I’m familiar with, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the artistry on the page. These stylized pages are definitely gears more towards adults than kids. This book does have a lot more patterned filler pictures then I prefer, but overall it’s a fun book!

So tell me which of these fairy tale books for adults would you use to melt the stress away? Tell me your favorite in the comments!

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