Sometimes we all need to calm our rage from the day, and these adult coloring books full of swear words are a good first step! These books are so incredibly funny; you soon will be laughing so hard you’ll be crying. (It can’t be just me, I was texting a friend my best finds as I was pulling this article together and we were literally dying laughing!) These nine adult coloring books are some of my favorite sweary adult coloring books, but is there ever a lot of this style of funny coloring book for grownups. Apparently a lot of us either really have a great sense of humor or really need to get rid of some stress! You too huh? Check out this hilarious list! Obviously, it contains “adult” language, so you might not want to read it with the tiny humans around!

9 Hilarious Adult Coloring Books Full Of Swear Words

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Memos To Shitty People Adult Coloring Book

Have a terrible coworker or mother in law you wish you could tell off? Color them a picture instead! Memos To Shitty People has forty full pages of sarcastic curse words that say what you wish you could actually say. This book doesn’t just have the swear words, you’ll also find intricate background designs to color full of animals, flowers, and geometric designs. I laugh every time I open this book!

Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition Adult Coloring Book

Need to unwind? As one reviewer said “every day I find the word I used the most and color it.” Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition contains over forty pages of colorful swear words to help you unwind at the end of the day. This is a midnight edition, which means the background is black and the color really pops and the background easily hides tiny mistakes.

Swear Word Coloring Book for Parents Adult Coloring Book

I love my child, I really truly do but sometimes kids just magically turn into little monsters and you just need a release. Enter the Swear Word Coloring Book For Parents. With phrases like “Why can’t you piss in the toilet.” Or “Hell no you can’t put the cat in the dryer,” you will be rolling with laughter. This book brought literal tears from my eyes laughing so hard, big belly laugh can’t stop tears!

I Don’t Give A Damn Adult Coloring Book

Another great coloring book full of snark, the I Don’t Give A Damn coloring book is a great way to relax. This book includes over twenty-nine pages full of swirly designs. This book does have some designs with very small spaces, so a pack of gel pens or colored pencils are ideal to color with as you laugh  a lot!

Make Life Your Bitch

Make Life Your Bitch totes the tagline of “turn your stress into success.”  If you not only need a good scream and curse, but want some motivation too then this is the book for you! This coloring book takes many traditionally inspirational sayings and makes them sweary and a bit more fun. There are a few of these pages I just want to frame because the phrases are just to epic! (If you love the midnight editions with the black backgrounds, Make Life Your Bitch Midnight Edition is also a great book!)

Creative Insults: Retro Coloring Designs for Foul-Mouthed Beasts

Here’s another book full of really cool designs! Creative Insults: Retro Coloring Designs for Foul Mouthed Beasts has a little different style, and is full of twenty different retro style designs that will remind you more of tattoos. If you’re looking for a different style that skips the flowers and mandalas, this is the sweary coloring book for you!

The Swear Word Coloring Book for Prudes

So this is a post about swear word coloring books, but maybe you want something you can color in public without your ears burning. Check out The Swear Word Coloring Book For Prudes. These G rated phrases make you feel like you’re swearing, without actually saying anything bad Expect phrases like “dag gummit” and “poppycock,” I think I know the perfect friend to get this book for!

50 Shades of B*llshit

50 Shades of B*llshit is another amazing example of a sweary coloring book that also includes plenty of design. These curse word pages are framed full of lots of flower, geometric patterns, and animals that have plenty of room for shading and adding details. One reviewer said “I’ve never seen the word moron look quite this nice and pretty!” This is another black background style book that is just begging for your colored pencils, markers and pens.

Granny Swears

Well butter my biscuit (wink) because here is another really funny sweary coloring book that doesn’t actually swear. For fudge sake, you may want to take your book out in public places without having to explain the full reasons behind your foul mouthed pages. Granny Swears is perfect for sharing with a friend also, as each of the twenty designs has two copies. This book will have you rolling with laughter, bless your heart.

Ok,  so I have to know which of these adult coloring books full of swear words you would pick up first! Tell me down in the comments.

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