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Earlier this month, I shared with you a super easy and delicious cheesy noodles recipe using No Yolks. If you recall from that post, I started with one idea in mind, then realized that I forgot half of the ingredients and switched to something completely new. The recipe came out so yummy that it got me to thinking of how I can create recipes with No Yolks using only the ingredients I have in my house. I decided to challenge myself to come up with ten ideas. The rules are simple: I can buy No Yolks, obviously, but that’s it. Every other ingredient needs to come out of my pantry, fridge, or freezer.

There’s a story behind this challenge. Stop me if it sounds familiar! Every other day, my mom (who lives with me) or my son stare into cabinets literally overflowing with food and angrily proclaim “there’s never anything to eat in this house!” It drives me absolutely bonkers. We have cans upon cans of broth, soups, vegetables, chopped chicken and so on. In the freezer, there’s always ground turkey (we use it in place of ground beef) and chicken of some sort (usually chicken breast). We have milk, butter, sour cream, and cheese galore. We have over 100 spices in the spice cabinet! Yet there’s still “never anything to eat.”

5 Ways to Make No Yolks Noodles Using Only What You Have on Hand

Ready to see what I’ve come up with?  For each idea, assume that you’ve already cooked your No Yolks according to the direction on the package. I’ll include the other ingredients and easy directions. Got it? Let’s go!

1. Creamy Ranch Cold Noodle Salad: Cool down your No Yolks noodles by running them under cold water. Coat with ranch dressing. Toss in sliced olives, carrots, peppers, or any other sliced veggies you have on hand. Serve cold!

2. Lemon Garlic Noodles: This is one of my favorite fast & easy recipes! Cook your noodles and set aside. In a metal bowl, toss in some minced garlic (about 2 tablespoons of minced or 4 cloves worth of whole garlic) and a splash of lemon juice. Throw the noodles into the bowl a little at a time and give them a shake. Repeat until all of your noodles are garlic-lemony! Top with Parmesan cheese and enjoy!

3. Spicy Chicken noodle soup: Got a can of chicken broth and a few spices in your cabinet? You’ve got dinner! Just add a few sliced carrots to your chicken broth and simmer long enough for the carrots to get soft. Add in your cooked No Yolks noodles and a dash of some of your spicier spices (cumin, Creole seasoning, Sriracha, and even crushed red pepper work great).

4. Upgraded leftovers: Grab last night’s leftovers + a dressing from your fridge door, heat up, toss and eat! For example, if you had grilled BBQ chicken last night, grab the ranch & maybe a little hot sauce from your fridge to make a quick hot wings noodle dish. If you had steak, throw on some soy sauce or teriyaki!

5. Pizza Noodle Cups: Got everything you need to make pizza except the dough for the crust? No problem! Grab this easy recipe over on the No Yolks website! If you don’t have all of the ingredients, no worries! Just sub in what you do have. For example, you can skip the pepperoni and use broken up sausage links instead.


Need more ideas? Check out this mix and match! Start with No Yolks, then choose ingredients from each list (or just from one or two lists, depending on what you have on hand)! You can stick with some tried and true flavors, like Chicken, Cheddar and Ranch, or be daring and try new flavor combos, like Italian Dressing Bacon Noodles with Minced Garlic and Mozzarella Cheese.

No Yolks Noodles are SO versatile that the sky (or your on-hand ingredients) is the limit! Whatever you make, you can rest assured knowing that the noodles will cook perfectly and hold their fluffy, delicious flavor and texture no matter what you add in. In fact, your No Yolks creation will even taste great the next day! I had some leftovers from my cheesy noodle recipe and was amazed that the noodles stayed moist and yummy even three days later.

While I used the No Yolks Broad Noodles, No Yolks come in a variety of other cuts including Broad, Fine, Kluski, Dumplings, and now Stir-Fry. Grab a bag of each and you’ll always be prepared! They’re a healthy egg noodle alternative, especially for those watching their cholesterol! Since they are, as the name implies, yolk-free, they have no cholesterol and they’re low in fat and sodium.

For even more awesome ideas that go way beyond your basic casserole, head over to the No Yolks recipe section on their website. Many of the ideas can easily be tailored to fit what you have on hand. Check out No Yolks on Pinterest and Instagram for even more inspiration!

What creative combinations will you make with No Yolks and the ingredients you have on hand? Tell me below! 










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