Looking for some great graduation gift ideas that are almost as good as money? While very little can top cold, hard cash, these 7 gifts come close! They’re all things that are crazy useful to both a high school grad entering college and a college grad entering the real world!

Looking for some great graduation gift ideas that are almost as good as money? While very little can top cold, hard cash, these 7 gifts come close!

Apparently, 1999 and 2000 were  very busy years for a lot of my friends! Maybe it was all that partying like it’s 1999, or celebrating the lack of the end of the world! Whatever the reason, all those apocalypse babies are grown up now, which means I have a slew of grad gifts to buy this year.

While I usually try to give money, sometimes you want to give a little something extra to go with it. Preferably something the grad doesn’t even know they need! These 7 gifts ideas are almost as good as cash! Let’s check them out!

7 Great Graduation Gift Ideas

*I received the HSI Professional Groover Master Kit in exchange for sharing my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own.

1. HSI Professional Groover Kit

*Don’t miss the rare picture of me, and yes, I totally ran it through Lightroom filters, lol.

Let’s start with my favorite, shall we? The HSI Professional Groover Kit is pretty much the penultimate hair styling tool. First, let me say that I love the fact that when they say “10-piece set,” they actually mean 10 completely different functional pieces. They don’t count the base or the glove as part of those 10 pieces. Don’t you hate when you buy something that says 70 pieces, and like 69 pieces are the screws that hold the other piece together?


The Professional Groover Kit comes with 10 completely different curling iron barrels that let your grad create everything from tiny waves to corkscrew curls. A couple of the barrels are the traditional curling irons that we all grew up with, with the little clippy thing. The others are clip-free. I’ve never used one before, so I had to read the included instructions. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, thanks to the heat-resistant glove that they give you.

The base itself lets you adjust the heat to the right temperature for your hair. I have thick hair that can be a bit stubborn, so I usually have to go up to about 400+. Any tool without that higher heat setting is useless to me. The HSI Professional Groover Kit goes up to 410 degrees, and it heats up fast so you’re not stuck waiting around twiddling your thumbs. It also comes with a stylish black carrying case, so your grad can take it pretty much anywhere.


So far, I’ve tried the larger corkscrew curler and the large barrel. I managed to curl most of my hair within about ten minutes. I was just going for a sort of semi-corkscrew messy look (I was on my way out the door).

The largest barrel is great for adding waves as well as quickly straightening your hair. My mom taught me that trick a while back- using a large-barrel curling iron as a straightener. It doesn’t quite give you the same flattening effect as a dedicated flat-iron, but it’s perfect for when you are in a rush and just want to tame your crazy hair a bit.

Get the HSI Professional Groover kit on their website. It retails for $249, but they seem to have frequent sales. Even at full price, it’s totally worth it. It breaks down to about $24 per piece, which is cheaper than even a semi-decent curling iron.

2. Accent Custom Jewelry

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a jewelry-loving grad, Accent is definitely it. It lets you take any drawing or sketch and turn it into a rose gold necklace, bracelet, or anklet. It’s a really meaningful way to send your grad off to college with something that reminds them of home. A small pendant of your family dog, for example, or a special way that you say “I love you” to each other. Even just a plain name necklace is more meaningful when you have one created in your own handwriting.

A custom piece runs $129.99. You can also buy original artist designs that are ready to ship. When you purchase those, part of the money goes directly to the artist. Learn more about Accent and purchase here.

3. Geneva Work Bag

Every graduate needs a great bag to hold their essentials! Pixie Mood’s Geneva Work Bag vegan leather bags will help your grad step into the workforce with style! Pixie Mood’s Geneva Work Bag holds a 13” laptop and comes in 5 different colors. Pixie Mood designs on-trend accessories that are vegan-friendly and PETA approved. Make a compassionate choice while having your grad look fabulous with vibrant, vegan fashion!

If the black is a little too basic for your grad, Pixie Mood also has some gorgeous ombre designs on their website. They also sell a selection of their products on Amazon (some are even Prime).

4. Snap’t

Need an inexpensive graduation gift idea for younger kids (like preteens graduating to middle or high school)? Any middle school grad would love these fun accessories from Snap’t! Gift her with a new pencil case and some unique charms that are interchangeable based on her own personal style! Snap her new charms onto a pencil case, headband, choker, bracelet, or necklace!

5. SugarSky Headbands

Another great gift idea for middle-school grads (or high school grads who love to accessorize), SugarSky creates unique headbands, bandanas and more out of 79% recycled water bottles. These hand-sewn accessories are perfect for on-the-go adventurers! These designs can be worn in a variety of ways, and even offer 35+ UV-rating for sun protection! All of their products are made in the US.

6. Grateful Bags

Be a gift-giving hero with a thoughtful, one of a kind, personalized handbag from Grateful Bags.  These memorable gifts are sure to impress. How does it work? Choose your style from small wristlets to larger totes for everyday functionality.  Next pick your color. Are you looking for practical black or gray? Or do you want a pop of color with ocean or pink? Now the fun part…..check out all the options of the monograms.


7. My Mighty Magnet

So, I’m kind of fascinated with My Mighty Magnet. Since I rent, I really try to avoid putting too many holes in the wall. Yes, I can always patch them up if needed when I move out, but that just seems like more of a hassle than anything. My Mighty Magnet lets you hang a ton or pictures without making a single hole.

While it was designed with photographs in mind, it would be perfect for hanging posters and other lightweight art in a dorm room. If you’re looking for a clever way to give cash to your graduating teen, you could attach it to a My Mighty Magnet cable and hang it in their rooms when they’re out.


What are some of your favorite graduation gift ideas that are almost as good as money? 





Looking for some great graduation gift ideas that are almost as good as money? While very little can top cold, hard cash, these 7 gifts come close! They\'re all things that are crazy useful to both a high school grad entering college and a college grad entering the real world!

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