Fall is just around the corner, and many people are excited about the change of season. Whenever the weather starts to change, you need to get ready. When summer comes, you put away your pants and jackets and pull out your sandals, etc. Well, your house needs some preparation too when the seasons change. Here are some things you should do to get your home ready for fall.

Your house needs some preparation too when the seasons change. Here are some things you should do to get your home ready for fall.

Check on your pipes

Your water drains and pipes are usually hidden behind walls, so it can be hard to see them. It’s especially difficult to detect leaks when they happen. Nearly 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more per day. That’s a lot of water. Not only can these leaks cause major damage, they can cost you a lot of money too. It can even lead to hazardous conditions and health problems if mold starts to grow. You should install a water leak sensor, inspect your pipes, and then winterize them to make sure they don’t freeze with the colder weather coming out.

Rid your house a mold

Speaking of mold, you want to make sure your house is free and clear before the cold weather hits. Older homes are typically more at risk of mold than newer ones, but you really never know. You can purchase a hygrometer that measures temperature and relative humidity. When the humidity rises above 60%, you should turn on your air conditioner and fan to reduce the humidity in your house. Opening the windows won’t really help because moisture can still get into your home. You can also invest in a dehumidifier to prevent mold growth. If you end up finding mold, make sure you hire professionals to come and get rid of it safely.

Service your furnace

Now that the colder weather is coming, you’re probably going to start using your furnace a lot more often. The only problem is that your furnace has been unused all summer. Your heating unit needs to be serviced at least once a year, typically at the start of the heating season. You should also change your furnace filters every three months, or once a month if you have pets.

While you’re ready for apple picking and pumpkin pie, your home needs some servicing first. Make sure you complete these checklist items so you’re starting the fall off on the right foot.

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