Can’t get enough of the donut decor trend? Me either! Donuts aren’t just delicious, they’re downright darling!

If you're looking for some fun ways to incorporate the donut decor trend into your home, check out these 70+ cute ideas!

If you’re looking for some fun ways to incorporate the donut decor trend into your home without making it look like your advertising your baking services, check out these cute ideas!

Whether you want just a tiny touch of whimsy or a full-on donut riot, I’ve got you covered! I’m sharing my favorite idea from each category, plus a few others that I think you’ll love! With 10 categories featuring at least 7 ideas each, you’ll find over 70 fun ways to celebrate your love of donuts!

Donut Decor Ideas for Your Home

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. I’m starting with the most subtle donut decor ideas, then ending with “wow, you really like donuts, don’t you?” decor. 😀

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1. Cutting Boards & Serving Trays

Donut Cutting Board by Jagdishere

If you love the idea of adding a few donut decor items to your home but don’t really want something too obvious, cutting boards and serving trays are a good place to start. Don’t love my pick for the cutest? Check these out:


2. Donut Wall Clock

Donut Wall Clock by Thepinklife

It’s always time for donuts with this adorable Donut Wall Clock by Thepinklife! I love it because it adds a touch of whimsy to any room without being overly cutesy.

If you don’t absolutely adore this one, Society6 has a ton of other cute donut clocks. Check out a few of my other favorites!

3. Darling Donut Prints & Posters

Posters are an inexpensive way to add a bit of donut decor without making a huge commitment. If you’re worried that a plain poster will make your walls look like they belong in a teen’s room, you can always buy inexpensive poster frames to give them a more sophisticated look.

Donut Symmetry Poster by Popcolor

Got a little more wiggle room in your budget? Prints are the grown-up versions of posters (ifyou’re curious about the difference between prints and posters, this article does a good job of explaining it). Prints come on everything from paper to metal. Check out some of my favorite donut prints & posters:


4. Adorable Donut Throw Pillows

Donut Throw Pillow by Katherinenelson

Home decor commitment-phobes like me LOVE throw pillows because when we get sick of them, we can just throw them into the closet! If you already have a couple of great pillows, just buy new covers. You’ll save money and precious closet space.

Along with the darling pillow above, I also love:


5. Throw Blankets

Donut Reading Throw Blanket

Like pillows, throw blankets add a splash of fun without a huge commitment. If you ever need a more sophisticated home decor look (for a business dinner party, for example), they’re easy enough to tuck away into a closet.

I find the Unicorn Donut blanket above absolutely delightful, but if it doesn’t do it for you, here are some other great choices:

6.  Bedding

Your bedroom is the one room in the house where you can really go all out and express the quirkier side of your personality. Unless you frequently entertain in there (and I mean that in the least dirty way possible), no one outside your family sees it, so there’s no need to put on sophisticated airs.

Donut comforter & sham set with decorative pillow

Keep it simple (or, in donut speak, glazed) with a cute donut pillowcase and a solid-colored matching blanket, or go full-on cream-filled, sprinkle-coated goodness with a whole new bedroom ensemble! Here are some ideas that I adore:


7. Window Window & Shower Curtains

Whether you’re framing your living room windows or just your bathtub, curtains are another fun way to show off your donut love without going too overboard.

Raindrops Donut Window Curtain by Sexyneon

For window curtains, I love the Raindrops Donut Pattern. It’s cute without screaming “I love donuts!” The bathroom is a good place to go a little crazier, though. Especially if it’s your own private bathroom. Check out these cute donut shower curtains:

8. Bar Stools & Other Furniture

Sweet Donuts Pattern Round Side Table with Black Legs by Rhoar


Did you know that Society6 makes decorative bar stools, side tables, and other furniture? I had no idea! How insanely cute, right? Of course, they’re a bit pricier than the other decor ideas featured so far, and you can’t really hide them in your closet when you’re bored with them. If you’re ready to really commit to donut decor, though, try these ideas!


9. Donut Area Rugs

Donut Color Rug by Jsebouvi

Rugs can either be a cheap and easy way to bring a little donut love into a room in a tiny way or an expensive yet creative way to really incorporate the delicious dessert into your house in a big way. That’s what makes them so brilliant! Personally, I prefer tiny area rugs that fit right in front of my sink or in my bathroom, but these ideas come in all sizes.


10. Donut wallpaper (for the truly dedicated donut fanatic)

Donut Wallpaper by Katherinenelson

Okay, honestly, I would never wallpaper my house in something that I could potentially get sick of down the road, but hey, to each their own. If you’re 100% positive that you’ll love donuts passionately forever and ever (or you know you’ll have hours upon hours to tear it all down when you do get sick of them), and you have a massive budget, go all out with these donut wallpaper ideas!


Do you have any favorite donut decor ideas? Would you go subtle with a serving tray or all out with donut wallpaper? 


If you\'re looking for some fun ways to incorporate the donut decor trend into your home, check out these 70+ cute ideas!

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