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All advertising requests should be submitted to Nicole Etolen at

Pretty Opinionated is a lifestyle blog women- especially single moms! I cover everything from gift ideas for the whole family and fun products to help make life easier to health & beauty tips and more.  All of my tips and how-to articles focus on practical advice that anyone can do without having to embark on a journey to find some rare ingredient or spend a fortune and weeks of time changing their entire lifestyle. It’s REAL advice for really busy moms! We can’t all be June Cleaver, after all!



2017 Advertising Opportunities

Please contact me for rates.


Pretty Opinionated loves sharing reviews of fabulous products & services that make life easier or more fun. Please see my review policy for full details about what we accept and how the process works.

Sponsored Post

Think of sponsored posts as custom editorials. Each post is crafted based on specifications to include relevant information about your product and its benefits for my readers. Each post is a minimum of 400 words and can include nofollow links to your website and social media sites. Sponsored posts are also promoted via all social media channels.


Get your product in front of  readers and create buzz with a giveaway hosted on Pretty Opinionated. I will organize the giveaway; advertise it on Facebook, Twitter and Giveaway sites. Mandatory entry typically involves asking the entrant to tell us something they love about your product or company through a comment on our post.  Additional entries may include following you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or subscribing to your newsletter. Giveaways are free if part of a review. Otherwise, I charge an administration fee.

Social Media Shout-Out Packages

Leverage my social media following to shout out about your company’s amazing product or service. Choose from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or all three! Packages can include as little as one tweet to as many as 10 across all channels.

Brand Ambassadorship

The term “ambassadorship” means something different to everyone. To me, it’s a longer-term partnership than a single sponsored post or short series. While the exact term is negotiable, when I’m your ambassador I’m not just writing about your product on my site. I’m sharing it with friends, family and family of friends and friends of family. You get the point. It’s an online and offline partnership. Online, it includes multiple posts, social media updates and giveaways (if desired).

Graphic Ads and Banners

Due to contracts with other ad networks, all graphic ad slots are “below the fold.” I do offer one spot at a time to advertisers inside posts, under the comment box.

300 X 200 sidebar ad

125 x 125 sidebar ad


2017 Online Presence and Demographics

Pretty Opinionated’s visitors are primarily located in the United States.  The majority are moms with  some college education who surf from home. Statistics come from Google Analytics and Alexa Demographics. Information is current as of June, 2014

Social Footprint

Pageviews. ……………………….100,000+ 

Twitter Following.…………………17,500

Facebook Following……………… 9,000+

Pinterest Following………………..32,500+

Instagram Following……………………..3,000+ 



Advertising Guidelines

–       All advertising must be family-friendly and fit the theme of Pretty Opinionated.

–       Advertiser is responsible for providing graphics for ad units.

–       All ad units must launch a new browser window when clicked on by users.

–       Graphic images must be 40k or under.

–       Pretty Opinionated has final say over all ads.

Adherence to Google Policies

Pretty Opinionated adheres to Google’s policies regarding good linking practices and content creation. All paid links within content and social media are marked with the “no_follow” attribute and clearly disclosed. Graphic ads will also be marked with the “no_follow” attribute. We focus on driving traffic to your company by creating stellar content with the proper keywords that allow it to rank in the Google search engine.

Advertising Contacts

All advertising requests should be submitted to Nicole Etolen at prettyopinionated