Catching Gold with DIY Olympic Suncatchers


written by special guest, Rheney Williams If you put your ears up against your windows and listen closely, you might even be able to hear the distant notes of the Olympic anthem as the orchestra rehearses for the Opening Ceremony in Sochi. Ok, so not really, but there’s no denying that the anticipation is rapidly building for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games! And while we’re waiting for the big event, why not take advantage of some of this down time and gear up for the Gold by hosting your own ‘Craft Olympics’ with your kids? With a few basic materials […] Read more »

Safety Tips for Planning a Frightfully Fun Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Halloween has always been one of the more popular holidays that both kids and adults can enjoy. Whether it will be a kids’, teen or adult party, the most important thing to remember to host a successful and fun Halloween event is safety. Below are some tips on how to accomplish this goal.   Invitations Make invitations as appealing as possible. Chance are, guest may have alternatives to choose from. Therefore, increase the chances that more people will choose your party by using intriguing designs. Describe what will be at the party and what age groups it is appropriate for […] Read more »

15 Tips to Boost Your Kitchen Confidence

Nicole’s Note: For all those like me who say they can’t cook, Shannon is here to tell us why we’re wrong and give us tips on boosting our kitchen confidence. Enjoy! I love to cook. It actually pains me when people say they can’t cook. My response to that is, “Of course you can! You just have to know what kind of cooking you are good at!” Normally when people have major cooking mishaps, it’s for one of three reasons. They don’t have the proper equipment/ingredients They are attempting an overly complicated (or just plain BAD) recipe They are distracted, […] Read more »

Prepping your Patio for the Ultimate End-of-Summer Party

Prep Your Patio

Summer’s quickly coming to an end, and the crisp fall temperatures are just a month or so away. It can be depressing knowing that the good weather and good times shared with friends and family is short-lived, but you can say goodbye to the summer weather in style. If you have a backyard and patio, you have one of the best party hosting places one could find without having to pay for the location. Whether you’re looking to have one last hurrah before getting back to school, or want to have that last epic barbeque, you can host an incredible […] Read more »

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain this Summer

Avoid Weight Gain this Summer

Summer vacation screams outdoor activities.  You might think it is impossible to actually gain weight when the entire season revolves around fun in the sun.  But not all summer activities involve an intense workout on the soccer field or laps in the pool.  After all, the season was custom made for BBQs and roasted marshmallows. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to pack on a few unwanted pounds during the summer.  But luckily, the extra weight gain is easy to avoid if you know what to watch out for. Do Something Productive If you don’t have something to occupy your time, […] Read more »

Escaping Darkness Blog Tour: Journalism Is the Least Creative Writing Field


Thank you to author Theresa McClinton for this great guest post! For the record (pun intended), I completely agree with Theresa on this one! Thanks so much for having me on Pretty Opinionated. I’m excited to be here with Nikki and her readers. For my guest blog today I’m talking about an interesting question Nikki thought of—one I’ve been asked before, and one I really had to think on. So here we go! As many of you may know from my author bio, I began my writing ventures in journalism. I also mention in my bio that I feel journalism […] Read more »

Planning Tips for an Extended Vacation

Planning Tips

Planning tips for an extended summer vacation Are you planning an extended vacation this summer—taking a cross-country road trip, spending the summer at Grandma’s farm or ranch, or heading to a foreign country? If so, you are probably busy mapping your route, looking at attractions, and reserving accommodations. That’s the fun part, but don’t forget that you’ll need to prepare your home for the time you’ll be away as well. Proper preparation will help prevent burglary while you are away and make your home welcoming for when you return. Focus on security Nothing can ruin a vacation like coming home […] Read more »

7 of the Most Mysteriously Beautiful Places in the World to Visit with your Family!

Mysterious Places

Are you bored of the sun, sea and sand holidays which are regularly advertised by the leading travel companies? Would you like to find out more about architectural and historical wonders in different parts of the world? If you’ve answered each of these questions with a resounding yes then you should consider visiting some of the magnificent and mysterious sites outlined in this article. Nara Dreamland – Japan This Japanese theme park was opened in 1961. It featured rides such as the thrilling Screwcoaster and exhillerating Aska Rollercoaster. However, as the years passed and technology advanced, so the popularity of […] Read more »