15 Tips to Boost Your Kitchen Confidence

Nicole’s Note: For all those like me who say they can’t cook, Shannon is here to tell us why we’re wrong and give us tips on boosting our kitchen confidence. Enjoy! I love to cook. It actually pains me when people say they can’t cook. My response to that is, …
Avoid Weight Gain this Summer

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain this Summer

Summer vacation screams outdoor activities.  You might think it is impossible to actually gain weight when the entire season revolves around fun in the sun.  But not all summer activities involve an intense workout on the soccer field or laps in the pool.  After all, the season was custom made …
Planning Tips

Planning Tips for an Extended Vacation

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Planning tips for an extended summer vacation Are you planning an extended vacation this summer—taking a cross-country road trip, spending the summer at Grandma’s farm or ranch, or heading to a foreign country? If so, you are probably busy mapping your route, looking at attractions, and reserving accommodations. That’s the …