100+ Blog Posts Ideas & Writing Prompts for November

Fill the gaps in your editorial calendar with over 100 blog post ideas and writing prompts for November! Broken down into easy categories, with post ideas for all month and by week, recipe ideas and Thanksgiving writing prompts.

Ready for your November blog post ideas? I’m actually pretty close to on time this month! Hey, it’s not my fault the 1st fell on a Sunday, and the 2nd fell on my “fall back” jet lag day. Time changes mess me up for like weeks I tell you, weeks!  Although I do like “fall back” way more than “spring ahead.” Extra sleep is always welcome. Anyway, this month is crazy busy, especially in the blogging world. We have so many options to choose from, especially if you’re a food or craft blogger. Me? I try, but you know I […] Read more »

Rock Your Pictures with Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan & Lightroom

Thinking about getting the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan but aren't sure if it's for you? Check out my favorite features and see how it can transform your photography!

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. If you’ve been thinking about getting the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan but aren’t sure if it’s for you, read on to check out my thoughts to help you decide! You know I have an insane addiction to photo apps, right? I’m talking like four pages worth in my “photography” app folder on my iPad and a whole huge section dedicated to them on my PC. Most of the apps are related to typography and “Pinterest prepping.” You […] Read more »

Blogging for Profit Without Selling Your Soul

Planning on blogging for profit? Check out my number one rule for selling yourself without selling your soul in the process. I promise, it's the easiest rule ever.

Today we’re talking about blogging for profit and the number one rule of selling yourself without selling your soul. You get total fangirl (or fanboy) bonus points if you know why I used a picture of crossroads in the graphic below! The answer is at the bottom of the post.* When I started Pretty Opinionated, I had one goal in mind: grow a site that could eventually help support me and my son. At the time, I was freelancing for a few well-known content mills. With each edit, I noticed more and more of my own personality slipping away, until […] Read more »

Who Wants to Be Featured in the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide?

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, my dear PR friends! The holiday gift guide season is upon us! I am SUPER stoked this year because after nearly 5 years of blogging, I FINALLY found something that lets me create my gift guide exactly the way I’ve envisioned it all along. I’m also excited because, for the first time ever, I have a second reviewer on board to help with all your amazing products! You’ve seen Emily’s work on great stuff for kids, cool kitchen gadgets and beauty supplies. I’m thrilled to have her and I know together we’ll make this the best holiday […] Read more »

97 Blog Post Ideas & Writing Prompts for October

Fill the gaps in your editorial calendar with over 90 blog post ideas and writing prompts for October.

OMG, I am SO late with this month’s blog post ideas post! So sorry about that! I swear, it was just October 1st like two seconds ago. Where did the first week go? Since I’m already a week late, I’ll keep the jabbering to a minimum here are your writing prompts for October! October Blog Post Ideas & Writing Prompts As always, I’ve gone through the national and international holidays to get inspired. You can find a complete list of these days on BrownieLocks. The titles are suggestions and thought starters. Take them as is if you like them, tweak them, […] Read more »

Celebrate Your Freedom to Read During #BannedBooksWeek

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association.

Yesterday marked the start of Banned Books Week for 2015. It’s a pretty big deal to me because I find it incredibly disturbing that books are STILL being banned in the 21st century. Seems like something that should have gone out of style with witch hunts, or at least McCarthyism. I spend a lot of time reading over all the resources on the Banned Books Week website. I highly recommend checking it out. This year, I’m sharing the most surprising (to me) banned books of the last five years. Then read on for more resources and ideas for Banned Books […] Read more »

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September

Break through writers block and stock your editorial calendar full of great content with these 100+ writing prompts & blog post ideas for September!

So sorry, guys, I skipped August! It was a crazy month! I’m back, though, with loads of great writing prompts & blog post ideas for September! I know it’s another crazy month, since it’s back to school season for most of us. I’ll get right to it! The end of September is Banned Books Week, I shared extra prompts for that since it’s such an important week to me! If you’re not a blogger, use these as writing prompts for school papers or to get your own creative writing juices flowing for your personal works! Writing Prompts & Blog Post […] Read more »

Financing Your Blog: What to Pay For and What to Do Yourself

Financing Your Blog

With over four years of blogging under my belt (and three years of blogging to pay my bills), I’ve learned a lot about financing a blog. When I started Pretty Opinionated, I was often discouraged because I’d read blogging advice telling you to spend more money on this and that. I had NO money to put into it, I was trying to build it so eventually I’d be able to afford my rent! Now that Pretty Opinionated is doing pretty well, I want to share what I’ve learned about financing your blog. Namely, what you REALLY should pay for, what’s super nice […] Read more »

Beautiful Typography Photo Apps for Bloggers

Make boring pictures beautiful and turn words into works of art with my favorite typography apps that are absolutely perfect for bloggers!

I am completely addicted to typography photo apps. It all started with Word Swag, the first one I downloaded a couple months ago. I told you all about that in my post about six iPad apps that make blogging easier. At first, I thought it was a totally unique app and the only one of its kind. I should have known better, but I’m still a little new to the iPad world! Fast forward to today. I think I have about 10 typography apps and I’m always looking for more! Some I’ve used once or twice, while others are my […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs and Responsibilities: 4 Signs You May Need a Little Help

Entrepreneurs and Responsibilities: 4 Signs You May Need a Little Help

As entrepreneurs we strive as hard as we can to save every operating penny possible. In doing so, we often take on a lot more responsibilities than we should. Rather than hiring a team of staff that you can’t afford to pay during your first few years of business, you brush up on a few “how to” guides and you get to work on doing what needs to be done. While this is certainly commendable and sometimes warranted in the beginning stages of your business, over time it can lead to serious burnout, not to mention the diminishing success of […] Read more »