7 Amazing Resources to Rock Your Christmas Graphics

Want to make your holiday graphics really stand out? Today I’m sharing seven fabulous resources from my partners at DesignCuts that will allow you to create everything from blog graphics and holiday printables to the most unique Christmas newsletter your family has ever seen. These sets include so many gorgeous holiday …
11 Reasons Why I love your blog!

11 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love Your Blog

I am so incredibly tired of all those blog posts out there that list the reasons why people hate your blog. Do you know what I’m talking about? They’re all over Pinterest, and they condescend the living heck out of just about every blog on the planet with titles like …
These 5 Twitter tools will make blogging easier, whether you actually like the social media network or just use it because you have to!

5 Twitter Tools That Totally Make Tweeting Easier

Let’s talk twitter tools that make blogging easier, shall we? Look, I’ll be brutally honest: I’m not expert when it comes to Twitter. In fact, it’s my least favorite social media network. No offense, little blue birdie! It’s just that I find it difficult to say something in 140 characters …
Wondering what will be trending on Pinterest during 2016? Everyone's favorite photo site released the Pinterest Top 100 for 2016, with the top ten pins across the top ten categories.

2016 Pinterest Trend Predictions: The Pinterest Top 100

Knowing what’s trending on Pinterest is a major help in planning your editorial calendar. I spend a good chunk of time searching for terms like “popular on Pinterest in XXX month” or “Pinterest trends for XXX topic.” It’s so time consuming because there are very few good resource that flat-out …