100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September

Break through writers block and stock your editorial calendar full of great content with these 100+ writing prompts & blog post ideas for September!

So sorry, guys, I skipped August! It was a crazy month! I’m back, though, with loads of great writing prompts & blog post ideas for September! I know it’s another crazy month, since it’s back to school season for most of us. I’ll get right to it! The end of September is Banned Books Week, I shared extra prompts for that since it’s such an important week to me! If you’re not a blogger, use these as writing prompts for school papers or to get your own creative writing juices flowing for your personal works! Writing Prompts & Blog Post […] Read more »

Financing Your Blog: What to Pay For and What to Do Yourself

Financing Your Blog

With over four years of blogging under my belt (and three years of blogging to pay my bills), I’ve learned a lot about financing a blog. When I started Pretty Opinionated, I was often discouraged because I’d read blogging advice telling you to spend more money on this and that. I had NO money to put into it, I was trying to build it so eventually I’d be able to afford my rent! Now that Pretty Opinionated is doing pretty well, I want to share what I’ve learned about financing your blog. Namely, what you REALLY should pay for, what’s super nice […] Read more »

Beautiful Typography Photo Apps for Bloggers

Make boring pictures beautiful and turn words into works of art with my favorite typography apps that are absolutely perfect for bloggers!

I am completely addicted to typography photo apps. It all started with Word Swag, the first one I downloaded a couple months ago. I told you all about that in my post about six iPad apps that make blogging easier. At first, I thought it was a totally unique app and the only one of its kind. I should have known better, but I’m still a little new to the iPad world! Fast forward to today. I think I have about 10 typography apps and I’m always looking for more! Some I’ve used once or twice, while others are my […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs and Responsibilities: 4 Signs You May Need a Little Help

Entrepreneurs and Responsibilities: 4 Signs You May Need a Little Help

As entrepreneurs we strive as hard as we can to save every operating penny possible. In doing so, we often take on a lot more responsibilities than we should. Rather than hiring a team of staff that you can’t afford to pay during your first few years of business, you brush up on a few “how to” guides and you get to work on doing what needs to be done. While this is certainly commendable and sometimes warranted in the beginning stages of your business, over time it can lead to serious burnout, not to mention the diminishing success of […] Read more »

57 Fun Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for July

Need inspiration for your editorial calendar this month? Check out 57 fun writing prompts & blog post ideas for July, complete with ready-to-go titles!

Last month’s 44 Blog Post Ideas for June was such a success that I thought I’d do it again! This time, I have writing topics and blog post ideas for July to help you brainstorm your way through the hot, muggy month. I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time thinking when it’s so hot out! As with last month, these are all ideas that I either didn’t have room for on my own calendar or are so broad that we can all write about it without duplicating ideas (or both). Without further ado, I present […] Read more »

6 iPad Apps that Actually Make Blogging Easier

6 iPad Apps that Actually Make Blogging Easier

When I got my iPad back in February, I thought I would spend my days blogging from the couch. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of people writing on their iPads. It seemed like a reasonable expectation, right? Well, I’ve had my iPad for, what, three months now? This is the first blog post I’m actually writing on it. I’ll probably give up in the middle and finish it on my PC. Let’s be honest here: it’s a freaking pain to type on these things! I am averaging about twenty words a minute typing on the touch keyboard. The only reason […] Read more »

44 Great Blogging and Writing Topics for June

Having a hard time coming up with writing topics? Here are 44 blog post ideas for June to fill up your editorial calendar! Most focus on June-specific national and global holidays. I even wrote the titles for you for many of them!

Every month, I sit down and come up with writing topics for Pretty Opinionated. I also work on the editorial calendar for OurFamilyWorld, My Kids Guide and DogVills as part of my editor-in-chief duties. So as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time and do a lot of research coming up with topics. Sometimes I’m left with a ton that just didn’t make the cut. Not because they’re not great ideas, but simply because they either don’t fit the themes for the month or we just ran out of room on the calendar. I used to hoard ideas, […] Read more »

The Twitter Guide for Non-Tweeters: Promoting Your Blog on Twitter When It’s Just Not Your Thing

Twitter Guide for Non-Tweeters: How to Promote Your Blog on Twitter When It's Just Not Your Thing!

How do you promote your blog on Twitter when 140 character limits make you cringe? I’ll be honest, it’s something I’ve struggled with since the beginning of Pretty Opinionated. Twitter is one of those things you either passionately love or wouldn’t even so much as blink if it vanished forever. I don’t love it, so guess how I feel? I don’t hate Twitter. I have nothing against it as a platform. It’s just not my thing. 140 character limits make me cringe. I’m not exactly known for my brevity. I rewrote this intro 20 times because it kept hitting 400 words […] Read more »

Rock Your Media Kit in Minutes Flat with Hip Media Kits

Create a stunning, professional media kit in as little as ten minutes with Hip Media Kits templates!

This post contains affiliate links. I also received complimentary Hip Media Kits in exchange for an honest review. However, I was a paying customer before becoming an affiliate. Pretty Opinionated turned four years old this year. Four years old! That’s a preschooler! If my site was a child, next year she’d be heading off to kindergarten. Yes, she. I’m a boy mom, so my site gets to be my girl child. In those four years, I’ve made like twenty media kits but never really loved any of them. I’m a writer, not a graphic designer. Some were so-so, but so-so doesn’t […] Read more »

5 Tax Organization Tips for the Disorganized Soul

Even the incredibly disorganized soul can make next year's tax time a breeze with these easy tax organization tips for the chaotic person!

Tax season is officially over- unless you’ve extended your deadline. I actually have this intense fear of talking about my tax organization system, because I’m terrified it will trigger some sort of IRS spy software and they’ll come audit me. I’m too broke for that (I drive a 13 year old car that’s had a check-engine light on for 8 months, creepy government agent guys, so really think if you’re going to get anything worthwhile from me)! On the other hand, I thought maybe my insanely disorganized organization system may be beneficial to others out there who thrive in chaos […] Read more »