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Lanna is trying to run away from her past. When her best friend, Holly, invited her to visit the small, coastal town of Harmony Bay, Lanna decided to take her up on the offer. In fact, she loved Harmony Bay so much she decided to stay. Jake is no stranger to secrets, lies, and manipulation. He’s been dealt more than his fair share of each. He’s sworn off women indefinitely. But there’s something about the girl rooming with his friend, Max. He just can’t shake the thoughts of her out of his head. Will the two of them be able […] Read more »

Amazing Paranormal Love Stories that Aren’t Totally Cheesy

In honor of the upcoming holiday of all things love, I'm sharing a few of my favorite paranormal romances that aren't totally cheesy. These books capture your attention with great characters, amazing stories and a nice side of love that doesn't overpower the rest.

In honor of the upcoming holiday of all things love, I’m sharing a few of my favorite paranormal romances that aren’t totally cheesy. These books capture your attention with great characters, amazing stories and a nice side of love that doesn’t overpower the rest. Think classy pecorino rather than stinky blue cheese!   I love a good paranormal love story any month of the year! Sometimes, though, I am just not in the mood for the cheese that goes along with a lot of them. You know what I mean, right? I’m talking about the totally unrealistic “I just met you […] Read more »

Preorder the Love Paws Book & Give Animals a Helping Paw!


  What could make seven contemporary romance shorts by award-winning and best-selling authors even better? Add seven sweet, scene-stealing pets . . . and then make the whole project a benefit for animal rescue charities! That’s just what we’ve done. LOVE PAWS features short stories with a little bit of steam, a little of sweet and happy endings all around. Each story also includes a pet, just to give the romance a little boost. This anthology releases April 18th, in celebration of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. You can preorder your copy today exclusively through iBooks. ***~~~*** Becca Boyd: […] Read more »

Check out The Busy Person’s Guide to Everyday Enlightenment + $100 Amazon GC Giveaway!

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The Busy Person’s Guide to Everyday Enlightenment is the perfect antidote to the strains of modern living. Featuring easy-to-follow meditations, yoga sequences, techniques and holistic advice that you can apply to even the busiest of lifestyles. What makes this book different is that it is tailored to recognise in this time of hectic living that we all have the need to nurture, care and centre ourselves, yet we don’t always have the time for long practices to achieve this. Ironically, the very thing we have convinced ourselves we don’t have time to do – looking after ourselves – is what […] Read more »

The Best Books of 2015: 9 Great Books You’ll Want to Read in 2016

Looking for a few great books to add to your TBR pile for 2016? These are my favorite books that I read in 2015. Some are older, some came out this year. All are terrific reads!

To celebrate the end of 2015, I’m sharing a few of my favorite reads from the past year. Some are older books that I just got around to reading, others actually came out during 2015. If you’re looking for a few great books to read in 2016, these are a great place to start! I used to read 100+ books a year, but lately I haven’t had as much time as I’d like. Between an increased work load and spending time with my son, boyfriend and other family, I don’t get a lot of time to just sit and snuggle up […] Read more »

Anna Avery is Back in Ruling the Wolf (Cover Reveal)


Anna Avery has a new story and GORGEOUS, brand new covers!   Taming the Wolf Buy on Amazon Attacked by a wolf while hiking, Anna Avery’s life just got a little hairier. Living in the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming, with a group of werewolves who are more animal than human, Anna must try to hold onto her human side. It’s not easy when the alpha continues to persuade her into his bed, while another wolf is chomping at the bit to become her mate. To top it all off, dead bodies are showing up and it just so happens […] Read more »

Indie BookFest Christmas Gift Guide: Good Reads for Your Holiday Wish List!


Ready for some help with your holiday shopping? Stock up those new kindles or get some paperbacks for under the tree. Support these Indie authors for your book buying needs. Learn all about Indie BookFest which takes place in Orlando October 7, 8, & 9 2016 Click on the picture to purchase. Affiliate links included below. Young Adult Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy Young Adult Sci-Fi YA Dystopian Young Adult Contemporary New Adult Contemporary Romance Contemporary Romance (Adult) and Chic Lit Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Romantic Suspense Science Fiction Romance Mystery Thriller and Thriller Historical Romance Erotic Romance Horror Read more »

For Your Reading List: The Labyrinth Wall & Haunted Realm + $15 B&N Gift Card Giveaway


The Labyrinth Wall: Read Amazon Best-Seller, Reader’s Favorite 5 Star rated, Dante Rossetti Award 2014 Finalist novel, The Labyrinth Wall, the first book in the Obsidian Series. Imagine a story set in an epic fantasy world like The Hobbit with a dark dystopian feel (and it is written to be a quick read like The Hunger Games). This adventurous tale will transport you into a magical but deadly world with new races, creatures, heroes and villains that you won’t soon forget. Even Sean Astin (from Lord of the Rings, Goonies, Rudy, and 50 First Dates) got a copy of The […] Read more »