Cultural Icon Filene’s Basement’s Makes It’s Comeback to Help You Find What’s You!

Filenes Basement

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Filene’s Basement. All opinions are 100% mine. If you live in the Northeast, visited our region or even watched TV shows that take place in the major cities here, chances are you’ve heard of Filene’s Basement. It’s become a cultural icon since the first store opened way back in 1909, with 20+ stores throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic States and Chicago. Sadly, the stores closed down a few years ago and we’ve all been missing them. Well guess what? Filene’s Basement is coming back! Let’s talk about this AMAZING announcement! Filene’s […] Read more »

ABEO Footwear: Where Cute Meets Comfortable

Love my ABEO Camilles for a night out! They're SO comfortable yet incredibly adorable!

I have a confession to make: up until this summer, I’ve never really been a “shoe girl.” Seriously, I had like ONE pair of shoes plus a couple cheap pairs of flip flops. My sandals were two years old and killing my feet. Then somehow, I became a shoe girl overnight. It happened when I reviewed a super adorable pair of sneakers earlier this summer. Then a cool pair of rubber ballet flats. Then ABEO asked if I could use some sandals for review and I was all “OMG, you have no idea!” Seriously, those old sandals were KILLING my […] Read more »

Party Like a Patriot with Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves 1

Ready to get your party on this 4th of July and show off your patriotic side in style? Get ready to Party Like a Patriot with Tipsy Elves! The company that became synonymous with the Ugly Christmas Sweater has ventured into other holidays and wants you to know that crazy fun clothes aren’t just for Christmas. I received Tipsy Elves’ new Party Like a Patriot t-shirt in exchange for an honest review. I remember seeing the shirt on both a Beyond the Tank, the Shark Tank spin-off that did an up-close look at how Tipsy Elves did after their deal […] Read more »

Mox Ballet Flats Make a Stylish Alternative to Flip-Flops

Looking for a stylish alternative to flip-flops that will still keep your feet cool in the summer? Check out Mox! They're like the fun jelly shoes of the 80s, except all grown up and restyled for the new millennium. Plus they're a lot more comfortable!

Looking for a stylish alternative to flip-flops that will still keep your feet cool in the summer? Check out Mox! They’re like the fun jelly shoes of the 80s, except all grown up and restyled for the new millennium. Plus they’re a lot more comfortable! I received a pair of Mox shoes for review in Blueberry. I went with that color because it seemed like a good match for most of my clothes while still being colorful. Mox also comes in black, red, silver and tan. I kind of want a pair in every color now! They are just that […] Read more »

Be Fashionable in Comfort with Zee Alexis Cloud Sneakers

Zee Alexis 1

When asked if I wanted to review the new Zee Alexis Cloud Woven Sneakers, I was super intrigued about the idea of a woven sneaker. At first, I was picturing straw sneakers! Hey, my experience with weaving is, well, limited. I immediately thought of basket weaving. The Zee Alexis Cloud Sneakers are NOT made of straw. They are, however, made of super comfy bands that make walking a dream! Plus, they’re super fashionable for summer! Let’s check out these most unique sneakers ever, shall we? Zee Alexis Woven Cloud Sneakers The first thing that drew me to Zee Alexis Cloud […] Read more »

Become Art in Motion with Redbubble + $100 Redbubble Gift Card Giveaway

new romantic

If you checked out my Absolutely Awesome Summer Fashions for Free Spirits post the other day, you may have noticed that all the fashions came from Redbubble. Long-time readers know how completely in love I am with Redbubble. It’s more than a place to buy hip t-shirts, posters and cell phone cases. Redbubble has grown so much over the last year alone to include a myriad of fashion items. Now, you can buy your entire wardrobe and decorate your entire home without ever leaving the unique artist community. Redbubble Lets YOU Become Art in Motion This post contains affiliate links. The […] Read more »

Absolutely Awesome Summer Fashions for Free Spirits

Show off your own free spirit with these awesome summer fashions that tell your unique story!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite summer fashions for free spirits. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’ve never really followed fashion trends. I have no idea what is “in” or “like, so last year!” I think runway shows are weird (everyone looks like they belong in the Panem Capitol!). My closet is filled with clothes from this year, last year and even last decade. I wear what I want, not what a magazine tells me I should wear. Free spirits pick clothes that show off their own personality. Whether it’s for comfort, style or both, their […] Read more »

Gratify Defyer Shoes: Like Walking on Little Clouds of Happiness

Gravity Defyers 2

I received a complimentary pair of Gravity Defyer shoes to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Halloween was a crazy night. We had a tight scheduled because trick-or-treat only runs for two hours. We had to get my son off the bus at 4, go 30 minutes up the mountain to grab Sal’s kids, back down to the good candy neighborhood and get in our two hours before heading BACK up the mountain, then back down in time to get Sal to work at 10. Crazy, right? Usually, after those two hours of walking, I’m a crying mess. […] Read more »

Gifts for Her: Curlies Comfy, Funky Flats

Curlies Fun & Funky Flats | #FashionistaEvents

With less than 24 hours to go before the Fall Fashionista Giveaway event starts, I have another fabulous sponsor to share with you. Curlies Shoes, from Bernie Mev, are the coolest, funkiest yet comfiest flats, and you’ll have a chance to win a pair! These brand new shoes literally just hit stores, so here’s your chance to get in on what is sure to be a hot trend this season. What are Curlies?   Curlies are super hip yet incredibly comfortable shoes from Bernie Mev, creators of the Comfi shoes. Each pair provides support by naturally moving and adjusting with the […] Read more »

Gifts for Her: Nancy Rose Performance

Nancy Rose Performance| Fall Fashionista

Did you ever notice that most of the clothes designed for the gym aren’t quite fashionable enough to wear in public? Or, on the flip side, fashionable clothes aren’t flexible enough to wear to the gym! I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of only having it one way or the other. I want clothes that I can move in, yet also wear to a school function, shopping trip or even a date. With Nancy Rose Performance, you can finally have the best of both worlds: gorgeous styles that give you a pulled-together look and flexible clothes that […] Read more »