Experiments in Cooking with Community Coffee + Caffeinated Brownies

Caffeinated brownies

With back to school season starting soon, I think we’ll be needing a bit more coffee to get going! I know I will! I’ve been sleeping in until almost 11 every day during the summer. I’m going to need a behemoth jug just to make it through the first week come September! When Community Coffee told me that I could cook with coffee, I thought “well, now, I just might survive back to school season yet!” They sent me a couple of their flavors to try out so I could experiment with cooking with coffee for myself. Tips for Cooking […] Read more »

School Lunch & Snack Ideas that Your Kids Actually WANT to Eat

Give kids awesome back to school lunches and after-school snacks that they'll actually WANT to eat with these 17 awesome recipes and ideas for picky kids!

I am crying a little inside because I’m starting back to school posts in the middle of July, but I think I’m actually late! I’m also crying a little because I’m SO not ready for summer to end. Even though we still have about five weeks left, I know a lot of kids in other areas start back in the middle of August. When my son does go back, I want to be better prepared this year with school lunch & after-school snack ideas that he’ll actually want to eat. Whether you have two weeks, four or six left of […] Read more »

35+ Spectacular Blueberry Recipes You’re Dying to Try!

Blueberry Recipes Roundup

In honor of blueberry month, I thought it was time to do an updated roundup of delicious, amazing blueberry recipes! I did one a couple of years ago, but that’s like a 100 years in internet time! Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits. I like the plump, sweet ones! They’re like candy to me! Grab them while they’re in season, because the rest of the year they’re super expensive (at least around me!). Without any more rambling from me, I present 40 spectacular Blueberry recipes that you just know you’re dying to try! I know I am! 35+ Delicious Blueberry […] Read more »

Fried Ice-Cream Recipe with Honey Bunches of Oats

Honey Bunches Fried ice Cream Done 2

This post is brought to you by Honey Bunches of Oats. All opinions are my own. I have always wanted to try making fried ice cream, but the idea of frying something that melts at room temperature? Scary! I’m just not talented enough to pull that off! I mean, what kind of magic is that? Frying ice cream? If you can do it, I bow down to you. If you’ve always wanted to try it but, like me, don’t think you’re masterful enough to actually fry frozen milk, I have the perfect recipe for you! It’s courtesy of Honey Bunches […] Read more »

Make Perfect Shakes & Smoothies for One with My Juicer + Orange Cream Shake Recipe

Orange Cream Shake

I love making smoothies and milkshakes, especially during the summer. When it’s hot and sticky, I can’t even think of eating an actual breakfast or lunch. Too much effort to cook something! I live on smoothies. At night, when I want a frozen treat while I’m catching up on all my summer reading, I love making milkshakes. What I don’t love? Dragging out the big blender for one milkshake or smoothie! My Juicer from Ergo Chef solves that problem beautifully. I received a My Juicer from Ergo Chef to try out in exchange for an honest review. I was really […] Read more »

Celebrate National Candy Club Year Round with Candy Club!

Candy Club 1

Did you know that June is National Candy Month? Well, now you do! June is the perfect month for it too, what with Father’s Day, graduation parties and weddings galore. What better way to celebrate than by joining the Candy Club! Yep, that’s a thing! I got to check out their amazingly tasty club in exchange for an honest review. We’re in total candy paradise here! Fun Facts About Candy In honor of National Candy Month, here are a few fun facts about candy that you may not know. I was surprised by a few of them! Adults (over age […] Read more »

Tastefully Simple is the Best Thing Ever For Moms Who Can’t Cook!

Tastefully Simple Cheese Balls

When you’re not exactly a genius in the kitchen, you need all the help you can get.  I love the idea of making homemade goodies. I just don’t love the thought of buying a ton of ingredients and spending hours in the kitchen only to have my recipe come out like crap. Considering my lack of cooking skills, that’s always a distinct possibility. When I saw that my friend Adelina became a Tastefully Simple distributor, I remembered my aunt making their bread and asked her about the other yummy foods I saw on her site. She asked if I wanted […] Read more »

Give Dad a Truly Distinctive Gourmet Gift with Taste Trunk

Every successful subscription box has something that makes it special. It has to if it wants to survive past the "friends and family" stage. So what makes Taste Trunk scream "pick me, pick me"? First, it doesn't scream. It's WAY to dignified for that.

Looking for a tasteful gift idea for Father’s Day for your foodie? Let me introduce you to Taste Trunk, a delicious subscription or gift box service that lets you try truly distinctive gourmet goodies. I received a complimentary Taste Trunk to try out for myself. I’m also an affiliate, so if you click the links, I get a commission. You get yummy goodies and my gratitude. Totally win/win. Disclosure out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff! As with all my subscription box reviews, I strive to answer one main questions: what makes THIS one special? What makes Taste Trunk stand out […] Read more »

Super Fudge Brownie Recipe Made with Cake Mix

Super Fudge Brownies Cake Mix Hack

While baking is one of the few things I’m okay at, I rarely have time to do it from scratch. I’m all about this whole cake mix hack trend that’s going around these days! I had a few boxes of cake mix in my cabinet and my son was asking for brownies. I looked up a few recipes, but none of them seemed like they’d be fudgy enough, so I modified this one from Cooks.com to make my own! Check out my Super Fudge Brownie Recipe, made with cake mix! Cake Mix Hack: Super Fudge Brownie Recipe Ingredients:  Chocolate Cake Mix (preferably […] Read more »

Discover Tasty New Natural Treats Every Month with UrthBox

Try tasty new natural treats every month with UrthBox. What makes them so special? Check out my review to find out, then grab a coupon code to get your own!

I love subscription boxes that give me a chance to try out new tasty treats. I’m a “sampler” person.  When we go out to eat, I like the sampler appetizers. When I buy bulk coffee on Amazon, I get the sampler packs. I like to find try new things without committing to full-sized versions until I know I love it.  That’s why I’m so on board with the subscription box movement and why I’m super impressed with UrthBox. Try Tasty Natural Treats & Find New Favorites with UrthBox This post contains affiliate links. I also received the below box in exchange for an […] Read more »