Don't spend your whole end of summer bash sweating over a stove! Prep these great Labor Day recipes ahead of time and spend the day soaking up the last of summer fun with your family!

21 Labor Day Recipes That You Can Make Ahead of Time

I’m so sad that Labor Day is coming up because it means summer is really over. Although my son actually goes back to school the week before, he does have a 4-day weekend for the holiday. We aren’t really doing anything special, but we do have a big family party …
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Super Easy & Yummy Berry Blue Granita Recipe

Remember the other day in my Berry Blue Wave Pops post, I promised another frozen treat that you can make with a box of gelatin? Here it is. I’m calling it Berry Blue Granita, because after looking at definitions for about 20 different types of Icee-like treats, that seems to …
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Berry Blue Wave Ice Pops Made with Jello

Since it’s like a million degrees out lately, I’ve been experimenting with making frozen treats. I just bought some new popsicle molds and couldn’t wait to try them out! I have a bunch of boxes of Jello sitting in my pantry, so I thought “why not play around with it?” …
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Beat the Heat with These Yummy No-Cook Sandwich Recipes

With temps staying up in the 90s lately, the last thing I want to do is turn on my stove. I’ve pretty much been living off sandwiches this summer. In the past, I’ve stuck with some fairly boring fare: plain turkey and cheese, just peanut butter on bread- very simple, …
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Brioche Bread Pudding Made Easy with Red Velvet NYC

Ever have a massive craving for something, but you don’t feel like going to the store to buy the ingredients to make it or spend hours looking for a good recipe online? That’s how I’ve felt about bread pudding. I’ve been craving it for months, which is funny because I’ve …