Being #Noseblind Can Cause Embarassment! Febreze Can Help! + Giveaway

Febreeze package

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine. Did you know that you can become Noseblind to odors in your home? Basically, you are so used to smelling them that your brain decides they’re not important. Eventually, you have no idea that there is an odor in your house! I kind of knew that, but never really gave it a whole lot of thought. Since we’re having a ton of guests over this weekend, I wanted to get a couple […] Read more »

Total Clean Lineup from Sam’s Club: The Only Team You’ll Need to Clean


This post brought to you by Procter & Gamble. All opinions are 100% mine. Cleaning is not fun. Well, maybe for some people it is, but for me, it’s an incredibly hassle.  The truth is, when it comes to laundry, I usually end up doing it in a frenzy because we’ve completely run out of clean clothes. Dishes, I’m a bit better at, mostly because we have a dishwasher. Also because my cat likes to lay in the sink, and I like to appease her (otherwise she’ll harass me as I try to work!). Total Clean Lineup: Take the Guesswork […] Read more »

Throw Pillows with Personality for the College-Bound & the Cool

Throw Pillows

You know about my obsession with RedBubble, right? If not, well, it’s pretty much the coolest site ever for fun t-shirts, prints and calendars. They also sell some pretty awesome throw pillows! Now, if you’ve ever read a home decorating magazine, you know that you can completely transform a room with just a few good throw pillows. It’s the perfect decorating tool for renters, college students or other broke…err, cool, people. The thing is, when I read those magazines, they always have these frilly or super expensive pillows that just don’t come close to fitting my personality. If I’m going […] Read more »

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus: A Laundry Slacker’s Dream Come True #WonderBottle


I received Downy Wrinkle Releaser to facilitate this review. All opinions and bad laundry habits are my own.   Let me tell you a bit about my laundry routine and tell me if it sounds familiar. Imagine that it’s a Monday morning, because, well, it has to be some day and goodness knows I don’t do laundry on the weekend! But if you do, just change the day in your head, it still works. So remember, Monday morning. 8:30am, back from the bus stop: “I’m feeling so productive today, I’m totally going to tackle that mountain of laundry! I’m going […] Read more »

Budget Friendly Home Security Tips


Keeping expenses to a minimum is a must for me. Especially since my student loans have kicked in. I’ve managed to find savings in different areas of my everyday life. Now that I have my own place, my parents often call to make sure their only daughter is safe in the city. Since this is my first time living on my own, I was a bit nervous. Worried about breaking the bank, I did not originally plan on putting home security in my place. Fortunately, I was able to find some cost effective ways to keep my home secure without […] Read more »

Comfort Food Made Easy with Good Cook: Win Your Dream Kitchen Drawer! #KitchenDrawerContest

Good Cook Banana Before

This post is brought to you by Good Cook. All opinions are my own. What does your kitchen utensil drawer look like? If it’s anything like mine, you have a hard time finding exactly what you need when you really need it. When I want to find something, I usually have to pull out half of the drawer’s contents just to find it! Good Cook is giving you a chance to reduce that clutter and create your dream kitchen drawer. I’ll get to that in a minute. First, I wanted to share with you a few awesome items I received […] Read more »

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh for Your Toughest Laundry Odors

Tide Simply Clean and Fresh

This post is brought to you by Global Influence. All opinions are my own. While laundry will never be my favorite chore, there is something wonderful about pulling that warm, fresh load out of the dryer. Nothing ruins that one good thing about laundry faster than opening the dryer to find clothes and blankets that still smell like they did when you first put them in. With three dogs, three cats and a son (I’ll let you guess which is the messiest), my linens in particular get pretty stinky pretty fast. My dogs would be completely offended if you even […] Read more »

Get A Clean-Free Weekend with Mr. Clean’s Liquid Muscle + Giveaway #CleanFreeWeekend

Mr Clean Gift Set

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Mr. Clean. I was provided the featured product free along with a gift card to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.  This week has been a flurry of cleaning activity. My aunt is coming to pick up my mom to take her to my brother’s for a week. She’ll be here a total of five minutes, but my mom feels the need to ensure that every single surface in the house is “white-glove” ready. Not exactly an easy feat when you live with these guys: Especially when you combine […] Read more »

Cozy Up in the INFURN BigBoy XXL for Valentine’s Day

The INFURN Big Boy XXL is the most comfortable bean bag chair ever.

I received an INFURN BigBoy XXL in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Beanbag chairs are totally in right now, or back in I should say. They were all the rage when I was a teen, over two decades ago! This is one trend I’m happy to see make a comeback, though. Still, one thing I really didn’t miss about the beanbag chair craze were the little “beans” that got all over the place when it inevitably fell apart. That’s why I’m so impressed with the INFURN BigBoyXXL. Let’s talk about this BigBoy! First, this is […] Read more »

Tips to Organize Your Writing Ideas So You Actually Remember Them

Organize your writing ideas

This post on how to organize your writing ideas was inspired by Arc from Staples. I received a complimentary Arc Customizable Notebook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Every year, I promise myself I’m going to get more organized with my writing ideas. The plan is always to have enough ideas for at least three months worth of posts. Every year, I’m really good at it for about ten minutes. Then I forget to stay organized and find myself scrambling to come up with post topics at the last minute. This year, I’m really making […] Read more »