Gifts for Grads: Dorm Room Makeover Kit

If you know a teen heading off to college this fall, a dorm room makeover kit is a super cool gift that's both practical and fun...especially when you hit the pages of Redbubble for inspiration. Check out my tips for creating a dorm room makeover kit that sends your favorite teen off to college in comfort and style!

It’s graduation season, which means time to start looking for some unique and fun gifts for grads! While cash is still king to a graduating teen, sometimes you want to get a little something to go along with it.   If you know a teen heading off to college this fall, a dorm room makeover kit is a super cool gift that’s both practical and fun…especially when you hit the pages of Redbubble for inspiration. Check out my tips for creating a dorm room makeover kit that sends your favorite teen off to college in comfort and style! Dorm Room […] Read more »

Cut Down on Spring Allergies by Washing Your Air with Venta Airwasher!

Venta Airwasher

After a brutal winter that left my skin totally ruined, cracked and dried, it’s finally spring! You know how I know? Because my eyes itch and I can’t stop sneezing. Yep, spring. It’s here. Along with spring allergies! While I didn’t really have a great weapon against dry air over the winter (aside from an arsenal of lotions), I have the coolest air purifier on the planet now. It’s a Venta Airwasher (which I received in exchange for an honest review). Doesn’t it sound fancy? Like a luxury car? What on earth is the Venta Airwasher? Let’s answer that question […] Read more »

Make your own Sushi Easily with SushiQuik


I like all types of food and will try just about anything. Though I have to admit sushi was one of those foods I was hesitant to try because I wasn’t quite sold on the whole raw fish part.  I’m happy I tried it, because now I love sushi. I’ve thought about trying to make my own sushi rolls but back out every time. Friends of mine have said it takes a little practice and I’m worried I’d just waste money if my rolls turned out to be a disaster. Make your own Sushi Easily with SushiQuik I received a […] Read more »

Be the Coolest Party Host Ever with Simply Genie Designer Parties + HUGE $393 Value Giveaway!

Pizza party

Want to host the coolest party ever? You absolutely NEED to check out Simply Genie! When they sent me their Pizza Party kit for review, I immediately fell in love with them. I know you will too! Let me say that I originally planned on actually having a pizza party for Jacob with these gorgeous supplies. Alas, he got really sick for over a week, then Easter came. I didn’t want to hold up the review, so I winged it during the family Easter party.  The “cupcakes” are actually parfaits made by my cousin’s girlfriend. I kept the rest of […] Read more »

Beautify Your Everyday Life with Post-it Brand World of Color collections


This post is brought to you by Post-it® Brand. All opinions are my own. I have a busy, cluttered mind that makes me great at writing but horrible at functioning in everyday life. I live on Post-it® Notes and coffee. I kid you not! Coffee keeps me going and Post-it® Notes remind me to do all the important things like feed my guinea pigs…and myself. In fact, I have this note stuck to the inside of my iPad cover. That way, when I go to feed my imaginary dragons (which, for some reason, I NEVER forget about), I also remember to […] Read more »

PeachSkinSheets: So Soft, It’s Like Caressing a Unicorn! (with Giveaway)


Do you ever feel like Goldilocks when it comes to finding the right sheets for your bed? They’re either too scratchy but inexpensive or super soft but way out of my budget. They either pop up off the bed when I toss and turn or make me feel like I’m moving across sandpaper. I really just don’t have good luck with sheets. Until PeachSkinSheets gave me a set to try out! PeachSkinSheets: What Makes them so special? Aside from the super cool name, just what makes PeachSkinSheets different than, say, the 20 other sets of sheets that are currently sitting in […] Read more »

6 Home Office Storage Solutions That Won’t Bore Your Pants Off

Looking for home office storage solutions that won't completely bore your pants off every time you glance at them? Take a look at six of my favorites!

When it comes to home office storage solutions, the less boring the better. I spend a lot of time in my itty-bitty little home office (it’s the corner of my dining room, so it’s not even a whole office!). I’m already surrounded by very un-office-like things. Barking dogs, meowing cats, the kitchen counter. I need my little nook to reflect my personality so that I’m more likely to WANT to keep it organized. Make sense? Over the next month (maybe two, depending on how long it takes!), I’m working on getting my home office in tip-top shape. That means everything […] Read more »

iCoffee Opus: My New Single-Serve Coffee Machine Love


I have new love in single-serve coffee machines, and his name is Opus. iCoffee Opus, to be precise. I received a complimentary machine in exchange for this honest review. Coffee and I have been in a committed relationship since I was about 15 years old. For those who have done the math in the past, you know that’s close to a quarter of a century. While my flavor and overall tastes may have changed throughout the years, I’ve never broken up with my morning cup. Or my mid-morning, late-morning, early afternoon, early evening…you get the point. I drink a lot […] Read more »

Give Stunning Valentine’s Day Flowers from a Volcano with Bouqs #BOUQLOVE

Bouqs flowers

Looking for stunning Valentine’s Day flowers that go way beyond the basic arrangement and really perk up your house? Give romantic flowers from a volcano with Bouqs! I received a complimentary Bouq for this review. I am also a Bouq affiliate now, so if you order through the links on my site, I will get a commission. You’ll get pretty flowers and I’ll be able to pay my rent. Win-win, right? Bouqs: Beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers from a Volcano I had such a hard time choosing the bouquet in the Bouqs shop I wanted because they’re all just so beautiful. […] Read more »

Create Stunning Canvas Gifts with Canvas Factory

Canvas Factory Abbie (1 of 1)

This review is SO overdue, and I apologize for that. I’ve had a gorgeous picture of my niece on my wall for well over a month now from Canvas Factory. That’s the problem. My mom was so excited to see her smiling face, she hung Abbie’s picture up right away and moved it out of my “to be reviewed” section. Yes, I need a better system. It’s a goal for the new year. Now that I’ve assuaged my guilt a bit (that also counts as my FTC disclosure, by the way), let me tell you a bit about Canvas Factory […] Read more »