Nokia Lumia 530: The Right Smartphone for Your Child

Nokia Lumia Jake 2

Jacob received a complimentary Nokia Lumia 530 for review. All opinions are his and mine. Yes, you read that right: the right smartphone for your child. A little over a month ago, I was adamant that my son would NEVER need a phone until he was at least 14. I admit it, I was a little judgmental towards parents who got their preteen kids a phone. Maybe more than a little. Then my son missed chorus and came home on the regular bus. I didn’t know. He didn’t have a phone. No one offered to bring him home or call […] Read more »

Gratify Defyer Shoes: Like Walking on Little Clouds of Happiness

Gravity Defyers 2

I received a complimentary pair of Gravity Defyer shoes to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Halloween was a crazy night. We had a tight scheduled because trick-or-treat only runs for two hours. We had to get my son off the bus at 4, go 30 minutes up the mountain to grab Sal’s kids, back down to the good candy neighborhood and get in our two hours before heading BACK up the mountain, then back down in time to get Sal to work at 10. Crazy, right? Usually, after those two hours of walking, I’m a crying mess. […] Read more »

Save 25% at + Cool Christmas Poster Ideas

Countdown to Christmas Deals: 25% off til 11/30

Today’s Countdown to Christmas Deal comes from This post contains affiliate links.   Looking for fabulous deals on posters and art gifts? Head over to between now and 11/30 and use coupon code 25Turkey to save 25% off EVERYTHING! Pretty awesome, right? Why not get a jump switch things up this year and add some gorgeous Christmas posters to your regular decor mix? Check out a few of my favorites! Cool Christmas Posters from   Read more »

Dot Dollars Sale at Stella & Dot: Get $25 Back for Every $50 You Spend


*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! Ready for another great deal to help you with your holiday shopping? Today’s Countdown to Christmas deal comes from Stella & Dot. During the Dot Dollars Sale, for every $50 you spend, $25 will bounce back to you! Details: 1. For every $50 you spend between November 13th to December 15th, you earn $25 Dot Dollars. 2. On December 30th, 2014 you will receive an e-mail directing you to your Stella & Dot Account Page where your promo codes will live. Each code represents a $25 Dot Dollars award. 3. […] Read more »

Tips & Goodies to Keep You Healthy & Beautiful All Winter Long

Winter Health and Beauty

Oh the weather outside is frightful!!! Not quite as frightful as my singing yet, but it’s getting there! I think I actually saw a flurry the other day. A FLURRY! It’s barely the middle of November! With the temperatures dropping and the dry indoor heat rising, my skin is looking not so shiny-happy today. I’m also taking new medicine to prevent migraines. It has the unfortunate side effect of sucking all the moisture out of my body, so I’ve been blotchy lately. Over the last month or so (in some cases, more on the so), I’ve been trying out some […] Read more »

Bring Home the Scents of the Season with Old Factory Candles

Old Factory Candles 4

Nothing signals the start of the holidays like the smell of  peppermint, gingerbread baking in the oven or a real Christmas tree. I have no idea how to make gingerbread and I put up my tree way too early for a real one. When it comes to my favorite scents of the seasons, I rely on candles. This year, I’m trying out Old Factory Candles Happy Holidays trio! They gave me my choice of gift set for review. While it was incredibly tough to choose, with the holidays starting in just weeks, I decided on that set. Old Factory Candles […] Read more »

Affordable Gift Ideas for the Techy on Your List + Smart Media Desk Giveaway

Holiday Gifts for Techies

When your list is filled with totally techies, coming up with affordable gift ideas is challenging. Trust me, I know! My son’s list is mostly ALL high-tech stuff this year! Since he’s my kid, I’ll likely fulfill at least three of his tech wishes (the new laptop is going to have to wait). What do you do, though, when you’re buying for a techy that isn’t exactly a high-dollar family member? For example, you really wouldn’t buy a new iPad for your son’s best friend, now would you? Check out a few of my favorite affordable gift ideas for the […] Read more »

Cool Low-Tech Gifts for High-Tech Kids


We received these cool low-tech  gifts for kids with big imaginations for review. All opinions are my own. Tis the season to wrack your brain over what to get your almost-pre-teen kid! I really miss the toddler years. My son was SO much easier to buy for then. We’d get the toy catalog, I’d say “this looks cool, don’t you want it?” He’d say “yes.” Within minutes, my list was done! Now, he’s 9 going on 19 and all about the high-tech fun. While I’m pretty encouraging of his tech interests, I don’t want him connected 24-7. What if Revolution […] Read more »

Give a Meaningful Personalized Gift with InJoy Artistry

Personalized Abigail 1

Looking for a meaningful personalized gift idea for the holidays? Particularly something that would be great for new moms? InJoy Artistry let me pick out my favorite of their gorgeous prints for tots, personalized it and sent it my way for review. Now, I’m sharing it with you! First, let me point out that I removed some of the details from the finished product to protect my niece’s privacy. After I had already sat there and diligently cloned out Abbie’s last name and birth place, my sister-in-law Jennie said not to worry about it! Anyway, any flaws that you see […] Read more »

Little Tikes Activity Garden Adventure Set is Almost as Cute as my Niece!

Abbie Activity Center 2

Two weeks ago, we babysat my most insanely adorable niece, Abigail, for the weekend while my brother and sister-in-law had some much-needed time alone. I’ve been holding on to the Little Tikes Activity Garden Adventure Set since it was sent to me for review. I wanted to really get you pictures of it in use. I also wanted more excuses to share pictures of Abbie, not that I need them! I’m going to kindly ask you to pardon the stuff in the background. I forgot how much work babies are and didn’t really have a chance to turn my living […] Read more »