Now Accepting 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions

2014 Holiday Gift Guide 1

It’s that time of the year again…already! I feel like my son just started back to school. Oh wait, he did! Okay, so yeah, it still FEELS too early to start thinking about the holidays. You know as well as I do, though, that they’re going to sneak up on us lighting fast. That’s why I’m starting to accept 2014 holiday gift guide submissions now. Keep in mind, though, that reviews for the gift guide won’t start going live until mid-October. That gives me time to really try them out and get some awesome pictures for you! HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE […] Read more »

Beautiful Gemstone Gifts with a Conscience at NOVICA

Artisan Gemstone Gifts

I received a NOVICA gift certificate to choose my favorite item to show off to you. This post also contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for unique gift ideas. The holidays are coming up, after all, and my family is getting harder and harder to buy for. I mean, I can only get my mom so many sweaters, especially when she barely leaves the house! I’ve always loved gemstones. I’m Pagan, so I do believe in the mystical properties to an extent. Besides, they’re just so beautiful! When NOVICA gave […] Read more »

Tummy Stuffers Make Clean Up Time Fun!

Tummy Stuffers Snuggling

  A few months ago, my son came downstairs and told me that if I got him Tummy Stuffers, he’d actually clean his room. He had just seen the ad on television. He’s always had a fascination for “as seen on TV” items. When the chance to review one came up, Jacob told me to go for it. He promised, again, that it would make clean up easier. Well, technically, they DO make cleaning your child’s room go faster, but honestly, he was more into snuggling with it than actually following through with cleaning! Still, he loves his Tummy Stuffer, […] Read more »

Alice in Wonderland Gifts that I Need Now!

Coolest Alice in Wonderland Gift Ideas |

You know that I am a massive Alice in Wonderland fan, right? I think I’ve mentioned it many times before. With my birthday coming up in less than two weeks, I thought I’d share some gifts on my wish list up until that magical day! I’m turning 22 for the, um, let me do the math, 17th time? Oh, whatever, I’m turning 39. One more year before the big 4-0. Age is totally subjective anyway. I don’t believe in linear time, so as far as I’m concerned, I’m 1, 100 and 21 all at once! Anyway, back to the Alice […] Read more »

Get Him To Give You The Gift You’re Wanting

Holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day may seem like a distant cry. Yet with my anniversary seemingly right around the corner, it’s important for me to start dropping hints to my husband immediately. The traditional gift for a ten year anniversary is tin, but I’ll gladly stick with the modern alternative of diamond jewelry. Since my husband has never been great at picking out the best jewelry, I’m going to need to point him in the right direction. I’m not the type to be forthright about what I want, so I’ve come up with some creative ways to drop the […] Read more »

Give Your Guy a Delicious & Unique Gift with Mantry

Mantry: The Modern Man's Pantry

We received a complimentary Mantry crate to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. Looking for a unique gift for the foodie guy in your life? Sal and I recently had a chance to try out Mantry, a really cool subscription service that delivers American-Made tasty treats that guys would love. They call themselves “the Modern Man’s pantry,” hence the Mantry. Your Mantry selections arrive in a really cool wooden crate that you can reuse for other purposes. This was one of Sal’s favorite parts of it. Campfire Cookout with Mantry Each month features a different theme, with yummy […] Read more »

Five Gift Giving Ideas that are as Easy as Pie

Gift Giving Tips

There are few things as frustrating as trying to find the perfect gift for “that someone”. You know who I’m talking about. Maybe it’s the boss that has everything. Maybe it’s your teen that can’t seem to stick with one thing for more than a week. Maybe it’s your mother that lives way off in another part of the country. Whoever it is – gift giving isn’t nearly as difficult as you might put it out to be especially if you put one (or all) of these five methods to work for you. 1. Gift Them ‘Memories’ Nikki, here on […] Read more »

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

My Unique Father’s Day gift ideas post from last year was such a huge success that I had no idea how I was going to follow it up this year! You guys made one thing clear: your men like zombies and Dr. Who! This year, I rounded up some more unique gifts for totally cool dads. Of course, all dads are cool, so who am I to decide what the “cool dads” like? Basically, I watch, listen and observe. I hang out on a lot of different sites and pay attention to what my readers like. So here are some […] Read more »

Indulge Mom with Fair Trade Chocolate Goodness + Delicious Smoothie Recipe

Fair Trade Chocolate Goodness for Mother's Day

I received delicious Fair Trade chocolate products to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Mother’s Day is just days away, but there is still plenty of time to pick the perfect gift! Nothing says “you rock, mom” more than chocolate. Rather than getting the same old box of chocolate from the grocery store at the last minute on Sunday morning (oh, like you’ve never done that!), give mom a truly indulgent gift: fair trade chocolate! I love working with Fair Trade USA. In the past, I’ve shared delicious gifts for coffee-loving moms, and a selection of Fair Trade […] Read more »

Put a Bobble In Their Basket to Encourage Kids to Drink Water!

Bobble 1

I received a complimentary Bobble to try out to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.   My son does not like water. He’s a lot like me in that respect. He’ll drink it when he’s brushing his teeth or occasionally at bedtime when he can’t have something else, but overall, he’s not a big water drinker. I think it’s because he’s very sensitive to tastes. He’s always been incredibly picky about food, beverages, medicine or anything else that goes in his mouth. On the plus side, I really never had to worry about him eating strange random objects […] Read more »