Toss the Tube on National Toilet Paper Day!

Scott Tube Free b

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scott Tube-Free for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Did you know that today is National Toilet Paper Day? Yep, it sure is! Think about it: toilet paper was a MAJOR invention! It definitely makes our lives a whole lot more comfortable and cleaner. I shudder to think where we’d be without it! Yet ever since it was invented, there really haven’t been a whole lot of major changes to it. Sure, it’s gotten softer and cushier over the years, but for the most part, it’s pretty much been […] Read more »

Forget Rainy Days, Start Saving for Your Sunny Day #mysunnyday

Sunny Day Jacob

Remember when mom told you how important it was to “save for a rainy day” when you were younger? It seems like we were always trying to put a little extra aside for those unexpected life expenses. What about the “sunny days” though? How do we prepare for those? If you think about it, life does offer up more sun than rain! My second sunniest day ever was the day I found out I was pregnant with Jacob after six long years of trying to conceive! The first? The day he came home from the hospital after 13 days in […] Read more »

Quick Relaxation Techniques for Incredibly Busy Moms + Free Adult Coloring Pages!

Relaxation techniques for busy moms

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite quick relaxation techniques for busy moms. These tips are things you can do in 5-10 minutes, from checking out funny animals to getting creative with adult coloring pages! Read on to check them out! I’m on vacation this week. You wouldn’t really know it, because my “vacation” consists of doing ten thousand things that I don’t get around to in my actual work week. Oh, I’ll take a day or two off for real (thanks to the magic of scheduling posts), but honestly, I don’t really know HOW to relax! Spending hours […] Read more »

Small Steps to Simplify Your Life & Help the Environment

Scott Tube Free Roll

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scott Tube-Free. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s National Simplify Your Life Week and I’m in the middle of a panic attack. I’ve completely over-scheduled my life to the point that I literally don’t have time to breathe. As I stood in the middle of my kitchen totally freaking out, my mom said “make a list.” I have a list. I have many lists. Once I remembered to breathe, though, I thought maybe I could break that list into smaller items. Rather than writing “run errands,” I can make each errand […] Read more »

Breathtaking Inspirational Quotes about Magic

Inspirational Quotes about Magic 4

Since it’s my birthday, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite inspirational quotes about magic. I’ve always believed in the mystical, magical and arcane, but I’m not really even talking about THAT kind of magic, per se. I’m talking about the magic of everyday life. A perfectly red rose, a rain storm that cools you down just when you think you’ll go bonkers from the heat, the way we can manage to form meaningful connections with the right people out billions of people on the planet. Maybe those things are science or coincidence, but to me, it’s all part […] Read more »

Summer Must-Haves for Beating the Crazy Heat + Giveaway #VaselineSprays

Summer beat the heat

This summer must-haves post is brought to you by Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer. All opinions are my own. Summer may be half over, but it’s finally just starting to heat up here in my area. In fact, we JUST went to the pool for the first time last week! It hasn’t stopped raining long enough to go before. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone from tolerable to “gee I wish I owned a walk-in freezer” overnight. One day I’m walking around in my long-sleeve jammies happy as a clam. The next, I’m crying that I miss the […] Read more »

Make Your BBQ More Eco-Friendly with Sustainable Earth Party Ware at Staples

Sustainable Earth 4

Summer is party season in so many ways. Between the BBQs, graduation parties, “bon voyage” parties for teens going to college, family reunions and so on, it seems like these three months are just one party after another. All those parties can wreak havoc on the environment if you don’t use the right disposable party ware. The Sustainable Earth line from Staples makes it easy to change that. I received a selection of Sustainable Earth party ware for review and a gift card to help me buy party food. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate until this past weekend. We’ve had […] Read more »

Must-Have Road Trip Essentials for Vacationing Solo with Kids + $50 Costco & Fisher Nut Exactly Giveaway #FisherNutExactly

road trip essentials single parents traveling with kids

This road trip essentials for single moms post is brought to you by Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites. All opinions are my own. Planning a road trip with kids when you have a partner to help you out is hard enough. Planning a trek with kids solo? Eeek! Whether you’re a single parent or just happen to be flying solo with the kids this summer, I’ve come up with a few road trip essentials for single moms to help you on your journey. I’m going to be honest, though, my biggest “road trip” as a single mom takes me about an hour away. […] Read more »

Kitten Cuteness on Overload (Not-Even-Remotely-Wordless Wednesday)

Cute Cuddly Kittens

I rarely do Wordless Wednesday posts, mostly because I forget the meme exists. Also because I don’t like the whole idea of being “wordless.” I’m not capable of it! So here’s a sort of Wordless Wednesday post instead! Insanely cute kittens doing cute kitten-like things. I lied. This isn’t even “sort of Wordless Wednesday.” There’s a story behind these kittens and I have to share it! So here’s how it goes. See this Mama Cat? Well, one day in the dead cold of winter (coldest on record), some inhumane monster dumped her off at the cottages where my boyfriend lives. […] Read more »

We’re All Together in the Sisterhood of Motherhood!

We’re All Together in the Sisterhood of Motherhood!

This post is sponsored by Similac.  I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. Sometimes motherhood feels a little too much like high school, don’t you think? It seems like there’s a “clique” for every type of parenting. Breast feeding versus formula feeding. Attachment parenting versus free-range parenting. Cloth versus diapers.  The list goes on. It doesn’t end after the baby years, either. In the last 9 years of my son’s life, I’ve been mom-shamed for more things than I can count. I opted to formula feed for personal and medical reasons. Wow, the things people […] Read more »