How to Have an Insanely Romantic Date Night at Home

How to have an insanely romantic date night at home. Yes, I know the picture is not "at home" but come on, it was too good to pass up!

Portions of this post are brought to you by K-Y, as part of a Smiley360 Blogger Mission. All opinions and ideas are my own. Contains content not suitable for young readers (or anyone who is uncomfortable with intimacy talk). Whether you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day or just planning to spend a little more time connecting with your love, having an insanely romantic date night at home isn’t just a great way to save money, it’s actually quite fun! In fact, it’s way more fun than going out all night. Let me illustrate with a short (and family-friendly version) of my New Year’s […] Read more »

Incredible Benefits of Procrastination: How Wasting Time Saves Time

Benefits of Procrastinating: How Wasting Time Saves Time

I am a procrastinator. It’s the truth, no way around it. In fact, I’m writing this post as a way to procrastinate on another post I should be writing! I know that all the books, self-help coaches and what not tell you that procrastination is the devil (or something equally dramatic). I have a different theory, though. I think rather than trying to change deeply ingrained habits, we can learn to use them to our benefit. Benefits of Procrastination (Yes, they do exist!) Let me tell you a story. When I was a journalism student, I wrote many articles and […] Read more »

Date Night Tips for Guys: How to Go from Work to Play Fast #ThatLookYouWant

Planning a romantic date night for Valentine's Day or another big celebration? Check out these easy tips for guys to go from work to play fast.

Portions of this post are sponsored by Just for Men. I received complimentary products from the Smiley360 Blogger Program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I used to think that guys didn’t spend any time getting ready for date night. Everyone jokes about how women are always late because we have to do our hair, makeup, pick out our clothes and so on. Guys just shower, shave and go, right? Well, if you’ve ever actually watched a guy get ready for date night, you’ll know that it’s a total myth. I once watched a Marine […] Read more »

7 Gorgeous Snow & Ice Sculptures to Inspire Creativity

Get inspired to head out into a winter wonderland and create with these gorgeous snow and ice sculptures!

Years ago, when I was living in Japan and my ex was a Navy Journalist, he got to go to the Sapporo Snow Festival. I was so jealous because I had to stay home. He came back with all these really cool photos of snow and ice sculptures. Alas, those photos are in an album packed away in a bin right now, but I remember how much awe they inspired. They made me want to go out and build something with snow! Mind you, my snowmen are nothing compared the masterpieces that snow and ice artists create! Still, they’re definitely inspiring! […] Read more »

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Subway Art

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Subway Art

Merry Christmas Eve! I’m taking off today and tomorrow to spend the holidays with my son, but here’s a quick little bit of Subway art that I made for fun! Hey, that rhymes. Feel free to print it if you like it!  Click on the picture for a larger version of the framed jpeg file. If you want a bigger, unframed PDF version grab it here: Christmas Subway Art Unframed Full Size. Read more »

5 Ways to Find Quiet During the Holidays + Giveaway #NescafeCoffeemate

single mom peace holidays

On Jingle Bells overload? Ready to pull out your hair if you have to make one more trip to the mall? Finding peace and quiet during the crazy holiday season can be tricky! I work full time at home and part time at the mall. I actually used to work full time at the mall too, but gave that up this year. Plus I’m a single mom, so I’m solely responsible for making sure my son has the best Christmas ever. Every. Single. Year. Talk about pressure! How do you find a bit of peace and quiet for myself during the holiday […] Read more »

A Dozen Ways To Handle An Unexpected Job Relocation


Dealing with an unexpected job relocation, maybe due to a spouse with a new job or transfer or maybe due to a military transfer? Don’t panic. Here are 12 steps to take to handle the move with admirable style: Get busy preparing. As soon as you find out, it’s time to whip out a pen and legal pad and begin to make notes on how to prepare for the move. This may sound obvious, but what most people do is panic, protest, and procrastinate. Planning your move, taking action on a plan, and modifying it when necessary will immediately transform […] Read more »

Found on my Phone: Five Cute, Silly & Just Plain Odd Pictures

Found on my phone

Did you ever just sit there and go through the random pictures on your phone? I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post. A week in pictures. Realized I had a boring week. Was going to do a month in pictures. Realized I didn’t do much picture-worthy stuff over the month. Realized I needed to get out more. Cried in my coffee. Then realized I have some STRANGE pictures on my phone! I also have some super cuties too. So I thought “hey, Nik, how about you come up with a whole new concept? A ‘Found on my Phone‘ […] Read more »

Life’s Plot Twists Build Character (inspired by Disney’s Maleficent)


Life never goes according to plan. Ever. Show me one person who says “everything went exactly as I imagined it” and I’ll show you a person who probably led a boring life. Just like on a rollercoaster, it’s the twists and turns that make life so exciting. Take, for example, the life of Maleficent, the ‘villain” in Sleeping Beauty. Up until the recent Disney film starring Angelina Jolie, we never really got to hear her side of the story. Why did she curse Aurora? What was her motivation? Turns out, the curse stemmed from a plot twist in her life: […] Read more »