Must-Have Road Trip Essentials for Vacationing Solo with Kids + $50 Costco & Fisher Nut Exactly Giveaway #FisherNutExactly

road trip essentials single parents traveling with kids

This road trip essentials for single moms post is brought to you by Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites. All opinions are my own. Planning a road trip with kids when you have a partner to help you out is hard enough. Planning a trek with kids solo? Eeek! Whether you’re a single parent or just happen to be flying solo with the kids this summer, I’ve come up with a few road trip essentials for single moms to help you on your journey. I’m going to be honest, though, my biggest “road trip” as a single mom takes me about an hour away. […] Read more »

Kitten Cuteness on Overload (Not-Even-Remotely-Wordless Wednesday)

Cute Cuddly Kittens

I rarely do Wordless Wednesday posts, mostly because I forget the meme exists. Also because I don’t like the whole idea of being “wordless.” I’m not capable of it! So here’s a sort of Wordless Wednesday post instead! Insanely cute kittens doing cute kitten-like things. I lied. This isn’t even “sort of Wordless Wednesday.” There’s a story behind these kittens and I have to share it! So here’s how it goes. See this Mama Cat? Well, one day in the dead cold of winter (coldest on record), some inhumane monster dumped her off at the cottages where my boyfriend lives. […] Read more »

We’re All Together in the Sisterhood of Motherhood!

We’re All Together in the Sisterhood of Motherhood!

This post is sponsored by Similac.  I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. Sometimes motherhood feels a little too much like high school, don’t you think? It seems like there’s a “clique” for every type of parenting. Breast feeding versus formula feeding. Attachment parenting versus free-range parenting. Cloth versus diapers.  The list goes on. It doesn’t end after the baby years, either. In the last 9 years of my son’s life, I’ve been mom-shamed for more things than I can count. I opted to formula feed for personal and medical reasons. Wow, the things people […] Read more »

Putting My Heart to Paper for My Mom #PutYourHeartToPaper

Mothers Day

This post is brought to you by Hallmark. All opinions are my own. This Mother’s Day, Hallmark has issued a challenge that I absolutely love. They’re daring all of us to put our hearts to paper and really tell our moms what they mean to us. I’m not talking the simple “I love you” that we all put at the end of the card before signing our names. I mean really digging deep and saying WHY you love mom. I’m definitely up for that challenge, as I have a pretty awesome mom! 5 Reasons I’m Thankful to My Mom Obviously, […] Read more »

Amazing Team SCA All-Female Sailing Team Racing Towards USA! #WeAreTeamSCA

Team SCA 2

Have you heard about Team SCA? They’re an amazing all-woman sailing crew competing in the Volvo Ocean Race, one of the world’s toughest sporting challenges. Over 250 female atheletes from all over the globe applied to be a part of Team SCA, but only 15 made it. The squad is made up of spectacular women from the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden and The Netherlands. They’be launched off from Brazil and now they’re almost to Rhode Island! This is the first all-female team in this epic race in over 10 years and the only female entry in this edition of the race. The Incredible […] Read more »

A Supportive Family of Experts Makes All the Difference for This Single Mom!

Me and Donna on Cruise

As a single mom and a work-at-home writer, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am right now without support. Raising kids is hard work. Every parent knows that. I think anyone who has ever even babysat a kid knows that! Raising a child on your own while trying to support yourself as a writer? Whole new ball game, and I’m not very good at sports. Thank goodness I have an amazingly supportive family. They don’t just help with Jacob, either, but they completely support my career. I know too many writers who deal with questions from family […] Read more »

Important Steps to Home Ownership


This post is written and sponsored by U.S. Bank. So, you’re ready to make the big leap into home ownership? Good for you. Home ownership can be a great experience and holds a number of tangible and intangible benefits. But first, you need to actually buy that property, which, especially if this is your first home, can feel more than a little complicated. Understanding the mortgage process Since a home is arguably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, being prepared is key to having a successful experience. Doing some homework ahead of time – specifically on mortgage prequalification, the type […] Read more »

How Far Would You Go to Save Your Relationship?


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WEtv for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. If you knew your relationship was heading for disaster, what would you do to save it? What if it was already in shambles, hanging on by a thread? Should you even try to save it? When you’re at that turning point in your relationships where you can either fight or go your separate ways, those are crucial questions. I’ve been there more than once. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before: I’ve been married twice. Once when I was very young. That […] Read more »

10 Regrets Experienced By Stay-At Home Moms

Stay at Home mom regrets

When scrolling through various women’s forums, where career women chat with stay-at-home Moms, many of these Moms shared their stories of regret. While they didn’t regret raising their children, they did regret their estrangement from the larger world. These women felt that although they had initially made the right choice, over time, the significance of their decision also had an unexpected consequence–they began to feel out of the loop, spectators of life, rather than participants. Here is a list of their top 10 regrets: Letting their gender down. It took a generation of women to develop equal rights for women […] Read more »

When All is Lost, Hope Remains {Quotes About Hope}

Quotes about hope yesterday

I can’t think of a better day to share quotes about hope than a Monday morning after one of the coldest weeks on record, a surprise (to me, because I forgot to watch the weather) snow storm and an all-around rough week for my family. Whether you’re recovering from a rough week, facing some bad news yourself or just need a little pick-me up, remember, after all the horrors were unleashed on the world by Pandora, hope remained. It always remains. The day we stop believing that is the day we lose ourselves forever. 5 Beautiful Quotes about Hope I […] Read more »