STAINMASTER PetProtect Takes the Shame Out of Your Pet’s Accidents #UnShameYourPet

Dog Shaming Cooper

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for STAINMASTER. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Did you know that I have three dogs, three cats and a kid? The kid doesn’t technically count as a pet, but he makes as much mess as one so I thought he should be included. That’s basically- wait, let me get the calculator- 26 paws (or feet, in my son’s case) trekking all sorts of who knows what through the house. And yes, I really did open the calculator app to do that math. […] Read more »

Enter the JuJuLicous Wine Charm Giveaway & Support Dogs in Need

JuJuLicious Jewelry

I have not been compensated for this post. However, The Good Dogma Company is providing the prize for the winner of the giveaway. My regular readers know how passionate I am about supporting The Good Dogma Company. Ever since I had the great pleasure of having Bo the dog as my first canine guest writer back in 2011, I’ve greatly admired the work that Bo’s human, Lisa, does to help dogs in need. When Lisa started The Good Dogma Company, I was thrilled to have a chance to interview her about her new endeavor. If you haven’t had a chance […] Read more »

Be Pawsitive and Help Animals In Need + Giveaway


I received a free Be Pawsitive Box to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. What’s better than a monthly box of organic dog treats and goodies? How about one that also gives a second box to an animal in need? That’s what you’ll get when you order from Be Pawsitive! Every time you order a box from the subscription club, Be Pawsitive will send a second box to an animal rescue group to help those pups get ready for their new home. You can even request that the box be sent to a specific shelter when you place […] Read more »

How to Bond with Your Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Remember about a month ago, I introduced you to Krystal the Guinea Pig, our newest member of the family? Well, while I was at PetSmart picking her out, Mike (the spectacular small animals expert who helped us) highly encouraged us to get Krystal a companion within a month. Two weeks later, we returned to the same PetSmart, waited for Mike to get back from his lunch break, and had him help us pick out a second guinea pig, Charlotte. Check her out with Krystal! She’s the brown and white piggie. Now, I’ve only been a guinea pig mom for about […] Read more »

Welcome to the Family, Krystal the Guinea Pig


Did you know that Easter is one of the most popular times of the year when it comes to small pet adoptions? While bunnies are probably the most popular choice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice are also at the top of the list. A small pet is a great way to help teach your children responsibility and bring a little extra joy to the family. After my experience adopting Crystal, I can say with great confidence that if you’re considering getting your child a guinea pig (or any other little creature), PetSmart is definitely the way to go. Read more »

Treat Your Pets to My Perfect Pet Food

Just because food is meant for your pet doesn’t mean it should be made from anything less healthy than the foods made for you. My Perfect Pet food knows how important your four-legged friends are to you, which is why they use only human-grade food and natural ingredients to formulate their foods. They also know how difficult it can be to find high-quality foods for diabetic dogs, or dogs who need a low glycemic diet. Now, they offer two Ultra-Low Glycemic blends that fill the much-needed gap in your dog’s diet. Read more »

NoviPet Nutritional Supplements for Pets

I have three big dogs. Two are considered well into their senior years at age 11, and one is just a moose of a boy at age 5. Cooper (the boy), and Tasha, my Shepherd, have both been suffering from weird skin allergies this year. I’m not sure what brought it on, but they both scratch like crazy, even though they don’t have fleas. Tasha also started getting really dry fur with some bald patches. Basically, they were a mess and I really wanted to find a way to help them. NoviPet Omega 3 &6 practically worked miracles with Tasha’s fur. Read more »

Sniff Less, Bark More, and Give a Gift that Gives Back with Good Dogma

The 12 Days of Gifts Galore event is coming up on the 25th, and one of my all-time favorite charitable companies is sponsoring it with a great prize for my winner. The Good Dogma Company, which has been featured several times on Pretty Opinionated, is the perfect way for animal lovers to support a great cause and gift awesome gifts (or keep some amazing treasures for themselves). It was founded by Lisa and her adorable therapy dog, Kensy. Read more »

Holistic Select Grain Free Dog Food: Great Nutrition For Dogs of All Sizes+ Giveaway

About three years ago, after extensive research on my mom’s part, we switched our three dogs over to grain free dog dood. For the first 8 years of Tasha and Maia’s life (and the first two years of Cooper’s), we were feeding them what we thought was a “premium” brand of food. Turns out, that food was filled with stuff that really wasn’t all that beneficial, and just a little bit of the stuff that was. Over the years, we’ve tried a variety of brands of grain free dog food, with mixed results. Recently, we had a chance to try […] Read more »

My Cats Went Nuts for Greenies Smartbites!

My cats are total treat fanatics, and they can be very loud about it. On any given night, at least one of them comes down meowing loudly to be served their snack. Cats are finicky creatures, as anyone who has one can explain, and I’ve bought them treats that they completely snubbed in the past. Those end out outside for the feral cats in the neighborhood (my neighbor feeds them). Alas, the outdoor cats didn’t stand a chance of snagging any of the Greenies Smartbites that we received from Greenies because my cats when nuts for them. Read more »