A Basket Full of Easy Easter Crafts for Moms & Kids

Easter Crafts for Moms and Kids

Kick winter to the curb and craft up some cute decorations for your home with these nine beautiful Easter crafts. They’re perfect for a little mom time or for doing together with your kids! Hey, guess what? It reached 29 degrees outside this week! It’s SPRING! I never thought 29 would feel so warm, but after the sub-sub-zero temps over the last two weeks, that 29 is practically beach weather. Okay, so maybe it’s not spring yet, but we’re getting there. If you’re not feeling it yet, these oh-so-darn-cute Easter crafts will give you a bit of a push. 9 […] Read more »

Absolutely Darling Free Valentine’s Day Printables


Looking for some adorable free Valentine’s Day printables for cards, activities and other projects? Check out a few of my favorites from some of the most talented bloggers around. These printables are perfect for your kids’ classroom V-Day card exchanges, your own gifts and pretty much anything else you can think of. Best of all, they’re free! Yay! Darling Free Valentine’s Day  Printables First, my absolutely favorite, the Be MINEcraft Valentine Printable from Club Chica Circle! My son will go nuts when he sees this one! I love the idea of taping this cute Maze Valentine Card Printable to a little […] Read more »

Sweet Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts & Decorations

DIY Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day isn’t supposed to be a big, expensive holiday. It’s supposed to be a “from the heart” day. Nothing says “from the heart” better than handmade Valentine’s Day gifts! While you’re crafting some sweet goodies to give away to loved ones, why not take some extra time to add some pretty decorations to your home too? Check out my favorite handmade Valentine’s Day gifts & decorations from a few of my favorite bloggers. Easy & Sweet Handmade Valentine’s Day Projects Craft this cute Valentine’s Day candle holder from OurFamilyWorld using dollar store supplies! Add your own special scented candle […] Read more »

Winter Greeting Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Winter greeting ideas

It is the time of year families must decide how to show their loved ones care and appreciation. It is the time for winter greetings. Before the season comes to an end, it is the ideal time of doing a winter mailer. Who doesn’t welcome warm greetings in snail mail form, right? When you’re planning to send winter greetings, they don’t necessarily have to be for Christmas. The ideas mentioned below can be used for that holiday, but they are also perfect for the New Year, anniversary, wedding, or basically anything that’s up in winters. Here’s what you can do […] Read more »

5 Insanely Cheap Photography Backdrops for Bloggers on a Budget


Ever since I bought my fancy DSLR camera, I’ve been trying to learn to take better pictures. The camera can only do so much, right? The rest is up to me. I’ve been on the hunt for pretty yet cheap photography backdrops for months now. I’ve read blogs, scoured groups and tried to find all the great ideas everyone else has mentioned. Bead boards and stained wood were my favorite ideas. Alas, when I looked for bead board at Home Depot, the stuff they had on hand was really expensive. Then I almost had a meltdown when Sal explained to […] Read more »

Easy $4 DIY Halloween Wreath Project

Easy DIY Halloween Wreath

I’m excited to share with you an easy, DIY Halloween Wreath project that I made all by myself. That should impress you, as I’m not usually the craftiest person around. The cool thing is, this wreath cost about $4 to make! Remember, folks, I made this, which means you can too! Let’s check it out, shall we? Easy DIY Halloween Wreath Tutorial What you’ll need: A pool noodle. If you don’t have any and your dollar store is all out, I suppose you’ll need a wreath form, but that jacks the cost up. Shiny black tape (I used some sort […] Read more »

Ridiculously Simple Things You Can Do to Go Green and Save Money at Home

Go Green

It’s easy to think that “going green” involves huge and often expensive changes to our homes and lifestyles. But what if it didn’t have to? Sure, it would be nice if you could afford to switch out all of your appliances for environmentally friendlier options and install home monitoring systems that shut off power to most of the house when you aren’t home. It’d be great to be able to afford to install solar panels on the roof and put in all new windows. Most of us, unfortunately, can only dream of doing those things. That doesn’t mean, though, that […] Read more »

Creative Ways to Tame Your Junk Drawer

Organize Your Junk Drawer

  We all have at least one junk drawer that serves as a catch-all for things that really don’t belong anywhere else. Sooner or later, however, items get so mixed up and messy that we can never find what we’re looking for. Don’t just accept the disorganization. Take the junk out of the junk drawer with these easy, affordable and creative storage ideas! Teacups and Saucers   Teacups and saucers aren’t just for afternoon tea – they’re perfect storage solutions. Not only do they fit inside your drawers, they’re the right size for small items and they look pretty to […] Read more »

5 Ways to Systemize Your Personal Finances Without an Accountant

Personal Finances

Being an entrepreneur myself, I know the frustration that is sometimes brought about by having a diversified income stream. My investment portfolio, credit cards, home, car, and any number of other tangible or intangible assets or liabilities make for a hectic job when it comes tax time. In the past, the solution was always “hire a good accountant” and while that’s still solid advice, it’s not the only way to do things. I manage my finances personally, and while I could save some time and money with an accountant, I like to know where everything is, and where it’s going. […] Read more »

Easy DIY Back to School Duct Tape Decorative Storage Container Project

Duct Tape Container

I recently discovered a love for duct tape decorating! Considering my lack of crafting skills, I was super stoked to find what I consider to be the easiest method of crafting on the planet! When Scotch sent me some of their coolest fun duct tape colors and patterns to try out,  I couldn’t wait to try it out on something. I started covering old prescription bottles (I had surgery recently, remember? Lots of prescriptions for that!), but needed a bigger project. Then I remembered that we still had ice-cream containers from when I did the Blue Bunny review over at […] Read more »