Go on a Scavenger Hunt for a New Job Tips with BMO Harris Bank


This post brought to you by BMO Harris Bank N.A. Member FDIC. All opinions are 100% mine. Looking for a new job can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t already have a job. I remember those days all too well. When my son was three, I split up with his dad. I had no job, no income coming in at all and a child to care for on my own. I spent every waking moment trying to find a job, finally landing one that didn’t even pay enough to cover daycare expenses. After six months of filling out […] Read more »

Catching Gold with DIY Olympic Suncatchers


written by special guest, Rheney Williams If you put your ears up against your windows and listen closely, you might even be able to hear the distant notes of the Olympic anthem as the orchestra rehearses for the Opening Ceremony in Sochi. Ok, so not really, but there’s no denying that the anticipation is rapidly building for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games! And while we’re waiting for the big event, why not take advantage of some of this down time and gear up for the Gold by hosting your own ‘Craft Olympics’ with your kids? With a few basic materials […] Read more »

Safety Tips for Planning a Frightfully Fun Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Halloween has always been one of the more popular holidays that both kids and adults can enjoy. Whether it will be a kids’, teen or adult party, the most important thing to remember to host a successful and fun Halloween event is safety. Below are some tips on how to accomplish this goal.   Invitations Make invitations as appealing as possible. Chance are, guest may have alternatives to choose from. Therefore, increase the chances that more people will choose your party by using intriguing designs. Describe what will be at the party and what age groups it is appropriate for […] Read more »

15 Tips to Boost Your Kitchen Confidence

Nicole’s Note: For all those like me who say they can’t cook, Shannon is here to tell us why we’re wrong and give us tips on boosting our kitchen confidence. Enjoy! I love to cook. It actually pains me when people say they can’t cook. My response to that is, “Of course you can! You just have to know what kind of cooking you are good at!” Normally when people have major cooking mishaps, it’s for one of three reasons. They don’t have the proper equipment/ingredients They are attempting an overly complicated (or just plain BAD) recipe They are distracted, […] Read more »

Reducing Moving Stress for Military Families with Kids


Did I ever tell you that I was a Navy wife…twice? Yes, I was married twice before! Hey, that’s like 40 less husbands than some Hollywood actresses, so I don’t feel too bad. Anyway, as a Navy wife, I’ve moved from my home in PA to Maryland, back to PA, up to Maine, and back to PA. Then, with my second husband, from PA to Japan and back! I didn’t have kids when I did it, and it was still a major challenge! My aunt was a Navy wife for 20 years and moved close to a dozen times with […] Read more »

Repurposing Roundup: Awesome Things You Can Make From Things You Own


In my efforts to be more eco-friendly in my everyday life, I’ve been reading up a lot on repurposing. I love the idea of turning something that I don’t need or want anymore into something else truly awesome. The landfills are already over-flowing with stuff that we throw out. I don’t want to add more to it if I can avoid it! Take a look at these 10 great repurposing projects created by some of the best bloggers on the internet!  Amazing DIY Repurposing Projects Looking for a way to make your garden more beautiful without spending a fortune on […] Read more »

Good Money Management Can Save You in an Emergency #SHGenworth

Money management

“Information for this post on Money Management is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network.” When you hear “money management,” what comes to mind? If you’re like I used to be, you think of stock portfolios, accountants, IRAs (I think that’s what they’re called!) and the such. Basically, stuff you actually need to have money for before you can manage it. The thing is, money management encompasses a whole lot more than just ways to make your nest egg grow. It’s about managing what you have- no matter how much or how little that is- so […] Read more »

Make Your Own Minecraft Foam Sword for Less than $5

Make your own Minecraft Foam Sword

Like many kids, Jacob is a huge Minecraft fan. When he got his birthday money, he saw a foam Minecraft sword in the store and really wanted to get it. I was shocked when I saw the price tag read $24. For a foam sword? Are you kidding me?? While I typically let him control his own birthday money, there was no way I could watch him waste that much on a foam sword. The game itself only cost like $25 when I got him for him for Christmas! So I told him we would figure out a way to […] Read more »

Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation


If you’re going away it can be an exciting time but it can also be a little worrying in terms of the security of your home and the possessions that you leave behind. While it may be true that your annual vacation can be the time when your property is most under threat, there are some very simple security measures that you can undertake to make things much safer, and the good news is that most of them are completely free! Going on Vacation? Who Really Needs to Know? Keep it on the Hush Hush The age of social media […] Read more »

Cute DIY Hand Print Mother’s Day Crafts

Five Cute Hand Print Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s Day is a little over than two weeks away! Of all the gifts I’ve received from Jacob, the handmade ones are still my favorite. When he was in preschool and kindergarten, he made me the cutest little hand print Mother’s Day Crafts. I have them in my room so I can see them every night before I go to sleep. No matter how big he gets, I’ll always have something to remind me of when he was small! Hand print Mother’s Day Crafts to make with your child Mother’s Day Ceramic Hand Print Plate Jacob made me this plate […] Read more »