Where to Go for A Romantic Date Night in the Poconos

So you’re visiting the Poconos and looking for a place to spend a romantic date night with your partner. Considering we used to be one of the honeymoon capitals of the world, you’d think there would be a plethora of options. You’re sort of right. Most of the old honeymooner …

7 Places in the US to Visit on a Solo Vacation This Winter

Solo vacations are all the rage right now. Whether you decide to explore a whole new destination or stick with more familiar landmarks, there’s something so freeing about getting away on your own. I’ve never taken an entire solo vacation, but I did fly to Japan all by myself. I spent …

Tips to Make Holiday Visits with Family Less Stressful

Tis the season for holiday travel and visits! It’s pretty much THE busiest time of the year planes, trains and long, long hours in automobiles. Then when you arrive at your destination, the holiday visit stress begins! You worry that your littlest one will insult great-aunt Sally’s odd gift choice, …

Take a Little “Me” Time & Dream Better at Sleep Inn

This post is brought to you by Sleep Inn. All opinions are my own. With the holiday season underway, I am feeling the pressure closing in on me to be more productive every minute of every day. Between the increased work load, the shopping, the decorating and the cleaning, I …

9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

With fall break just about a month away, it’s a great time to start looking into those travel deals and planning a fun getaway. Maybe you and your college friends are in need of a break (spring break is months away!). Perhaps you’re a family of five looking for a fab vacation …

How to Enjoy New York City Without Going Broke

New York City is one of the most exciting and popular vacation destinations for people who love a fast-paced getaway. I’ve lived 2 hours away from it most of my life, so I’ve seen quite a bit of what it has to offer myself. With some of the most expensive …

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