How to Get Featured In My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Guess what? It’s gift guide season! If you want your product or service considered for inclusion in Pretty Opinionated’s 7th Annual Gift Guide, keep reading for all the details!

Get Featured In The Pretty Opinionated 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

If you have a fantastic product that you think will make a great gift, send an email to, preferably with something like “Gift Guide Submission” in the subject line. Before submitting, please skim the guidelines below to make sure your product is a good fit.



I heavily promote my gift guide throughout the entire season online through all social media networks and offline through word of mouth. Then I promote those promotions! I’ll also send out shares directly from your product’s page. I make sure plenty of eyes are seeing your products.

While I am not doing traditional individual reviews of most gift guide products this year, I will be doing multiple “roundup” style posts with more in-depth product highlights for each section, as well as any specials you’re running during the season. Those posts will go live the same week as the gift guide and will be continuously promoted and updated throughout the season. I also do multiple themed roundups, such as “gifts for gamers” or ” X Gifts for the Hostess with the Mostest” and what not. Products may be featured again in these posts.


Pretty Opinionated shares a wide range of gift ideas for the whole family, including our furry family members (the cats and dogs, not hairy uncle Joe!).  I have one very simple rule: it MUST (must, must, must) be an actual gift idea. As in, something that you would give to someone you really loved. Think about what the gift says. Does it say, “you’re awesome!” or does it say, “Wow, your house is dirty!”?

Vacuum cleaners are the odd exception, since my mother has some sort of weird fascination with them and we can never have too many, apparently. OOH, and major appliances! I totally need a new fridge. Seriously, I’d weep if I got that under my tree. 😀


This year, I’m dividing my gift guide up into the following categories:

  • Gifts for Her
  • Gifts for Him
  • GIfts for Younger Kids (babies through elementary school)
  • Tweens and Teens
  • Pet Gift Guide
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Gift Stash Ideas (this covers gifts for hostesses, teachers, and all those other people that pop up last minute on your list)

Here is a glimpse of this year’s Gift Guide layout. I’m still tweaking it, so keep that in mind. Your “blurb” box will feature a picture of your product, the name of it, and a link directly to the product. If you would like pricing info included, let me know. I’m not planning to include it because prices change so often throughout the season with sales and what not.


Gift guide inclusion is free if you are sending me product. We only accept full-size, non-returnable products. While I don’t have a specific required minimum dollar value for submissions, please respect the fact that creating a gift guide takes time and that the product is compensation for that time.  If you prefer not to send product, the cost is $50. If you would like a dedicated feature-length post about your product, please contact me to discuss sponsored post rates and the additional information that I’ll need.

If you want, we can also do a giveaway for my readers together. You’ll need to provide a second item (or a gift card) and send it directly to my winner (unless it’s an e-gift card, in which case I can send it to them or you can, totally up to you). Again, if you are sending me product as well, there is no fee.

For all products (whether you are sending me product or not), please send along a hi-res image for the gift guide page. I will use personal photos when possible for the highlights post.


The 2017 Gift Guide will go live by Nov. 1st. I will continue accepting submissions through the first week of December for all products and through December 10th for “last-minute” ideas that can be bought in stores (or that have extended shipping deadlines). 


Just for fun,  here are a few things that are super high on our personal wish list as well as what resonates the most with my readers.

  • Tech Gifts: Always a must-have in our house. Between my son the gamer, my husband the pro photog, and me the writer, we have a great appreciation for technology. This includes photography products, electronics of all kinds, any computer-related, XBOX One accessories & games, etc.
  • Subscription Boxes: I have mad love for subscription boxes, not just for myself, but for giving as gifts. Pretty much anything goes here, as long as the box offers enough value to the recipient to cover the cost. Basically, it can’t be a $40 box with $5 worth of dollar store finds in it.
  • Gifts for Pets: A lot has changed in the last year with my furry family. We lost all three of our “original” dogs to old age and welcomed a high-energy Pharaoh Hound and a mellow mutt. We also currently have 3 cats, including everyone’s favorite, Alex the Fuzz. Sorry Zoe and Willow, he’s just a superstar, what can I say?
  • Things That Make Nikki’s Life Easier: Not sure what to call this category, but think to yourself “will this awesome gift make someone’s life easier?” Is it a cool kitchen gadget that makes 75 different types of coffee? A whirly, swirly, magical food chopper? Is it a new fridge that doesn’t leak??? If so, I want to hear about it. I LOVE gadgets and appliances!

Phew, that was a lot of information! If you got to the bottom and forgot my email address, here it is again: