Life In Retail: How To Survive The Holiday Rush(es)

As an industry, retail is huge. Nearly 16 million people work in the business, accounting for more than one in 10 workers. That means there's a good chance that you either currently work or used to work in this expansive industry, and undoubtedly have a thorough...

Top 5 Best Manga for New Fans to Start With

If you're new to manga and not really sure where to start, Valkyrie from Revolutionary-Readers has some great advice for you! Read on to discover her top five favorite manga for new fans! Manga is a form of comic originating in Japan. It is similar to comics here in...

5 Blogging Skills You Can Learn in College

When you hear the success stories of hardworking bloggers, they can be inspiring enough to move you to action. But creating and maintaining a successful blog is not as easy as it sounds. Blogging goes beyond setting up an account through a platform like Wordpress and...


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