The Emotional Journey That is Frozen Donor Egg IVF

The Emotional Journey That is Frozen Donor Egg IVF

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Anyone who has ever spent time trying – and failing- to conceive understands the emotional heartache that comes along with it. It took me and my husband six years to conceive our son. During that time, we went through more ups and downs (mostly downs) that I can even describe. …

Please Help My Aunt Donna Beat Brain Cancer!

I’m going to do something I really haven’t done in the 5+ years of Pretty Opinionated’s existence: I’m going to ask you for money. It’s not for me, though. I’m asking you to consider donating to help my amazing Aunt Donna fight brain cancer. Any amount will help. Any at …

7 Cosplay Ideas That Everyone Will Instantly Love

Whether you’re headed to your favorite comic con or just getting ready for Halloween, you may find yourself wanting to try some cosplay ideas that stretch the imagination but everyone will know what you are in an instant. Is there anything worse than working on a cool costume and having …