Make Perfect Shakes & Smoothies for One with My Juicer + Orange Cream Shake Recipe

Orange Cream Shake

I love making smoothies and milkshakes, especially during the summer. When it’s hot and sticky, I can’t even think of eating an actual breakfast or lunch. Too much effort to cook something! I live on smoothies. At night, when I want a frozen treat while I’m catching up on all my summer reading, I love making milkshakes. What I don’t love? Dragging out the big blender for one milkshake or smoothie! My Juicer from Ergo Chef solves that problem beautifully. I received a My Juicer from Ergo Chef to try out in exchange for an honest review. I was really […] Read more »

Stop Filtering OUT the Bad, Start Filtering IN the Good with SmartFeed

SmartFeed 1

This post is brought to you by SmartFeed. All opinions are my own. Ever wish you could stop filtering out all the bad stuff and start filtering IN the good news for your kids? With SmartFeed, that’s exactly what you do! I’ll be honest with you, I don’t want my son watching the news. I am a pretty liberal parent. I let him watch shows and play games that many parents don’t allow. Yet I draw the line at the nightly newscast. To me, it’s the most violent show on television. As he’s getting older, I do give him access […] Read more »

How I Got My Picky Eater To Eat Vegetables In 3 Easy Steps


Today’s post comes from Jennifer Taylor of Mom Tricks. She’s sharing advice on something that I have a super hard time with myself, getting picky kids to eat veggies! Enjoy! Does this dinnertime conversation sound familiar? “Please just try your carrots?” “No!” “Just try one little bite, okay?” “Mommy, no!” If it does, you might just be dealing with a picky eater. My son was a very picky eater, and my husband and I spent countless nights begging and pleading with him to try his veggies. We were long past the late-night diaper changes and feedings, and since neither my […] Read more »

Must-Have Road Trip Essentials for Vacationing Solo with Kids + $50 Costco & Fisher Nut Exactly Giveaway #FisherNutExactly

road trip essentials single parents traveling with kids

This road trip essentials for single moms post is brought to you by Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites. All opinions are my own. Planning a road trip with kids when you have a partner to help you out is hard enough. Planning a trek with kids solo? Eeek! Whether you’re a single parent or just happen to be flying solo with the kids this summer, I’ve come up with a few road trip essentials for single moms to help you on your journey. I’m going to be honest, though, my biggest “road trip” as a single mom takes me about an hour away. […] Read more »

Save 20% Site-Wide with Redbubble’s Camp Outside Sale!

RB_Camp Outside Logo

Looking for a great excuse to head to the great outdoors? How about a sale on the coolest camping gear around? Today only, you can save 20% off at Redbubble! Read on for details! Oh, and by the way, this post contains affiliate links, but you know how much I LOVE Rebubble, so I’m sharing out of that love. Okay, also because I hope you’ll buy something through my links and get me a commission. Hey, I’m not going to lie to you! I need the money! Mostly it’s about the love though.   So back to the sale. Yep, […] Read more »

Summer Reading Across the US: Fabulous Writers in Every State

Looking for an idea to motivate you to read more? Check this out: summer reading across the U.S, with one great writer from every state! Covers all genres!

There are a plethora of summer reading ideas for kids out there. Between the amazing Scholastic Summer Reading program, all the free programs at book stores and libraries and tons of online resources, we pretty much have kids covered. I even did like three posts already this summer specifically geared towards kids! You can check them out under my Summer Reading tab. What about ideas for adults though? Maybe you’re thinking we don’t need motivation. We’re grownups, right? We can motivate ourselves simply by saying “I’m going to read tonight.” Sometimes, though, it doesn’t really work out that way. I […] Read more »

Go on a Summer Reading Adventure with Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends_Book Titles

Looking for a book series that takes you on a real summer reading adventure? You have to check out Imaginary Friends! It’s more than a book, it’s an entire interactive kit that brings the story to life. Imaginary Friends is a series designed for kids ages 8-12, which makes me really happy because Jacob falls right in the middle of that group. I feel like that group is under-represented, as more people tend to focus on smaller children. Each book unlocks a new adventure, literally. Check out this video to see how it works: What begins as a story on […] Read more »

Give Your Kids Cyber Safe Futures with BCGA

Jacob Gaming

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.  Did you know that June is Internet Safety Awareness Month? Throughout the month, the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) and Spring are inviting you to ask their panel of Boys & Girls Club teens from around the world your biggest questions regarding your online privacy, cyberbullying, social networking and other cyber-related safety issues. As a mom to a techno-gamer kid, I worry about Jacob’s safety online. I have more […] Read more »

Cross a Zebra with a Unicorn & You Have Zoonicorn Fun!


What do you get when you combine a zebra and a unicorn? A Zoonicorn, of course! Zoonicorns were created by Zoonicorn, LLC, a company out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their tagline is, “Enriching youth with life adventures.™” They aim to do this with their family of four plush Zoonicorns as well as a hardcover book featuring each one. My son and daughter received all four of the fabulous Zoonicorns in exchange for an honest review. Zoonicorns: Zebra + Unicorns = Fun! These plush Zoonicorns are super soft and each has their own unique name. They include: Promithea, Aliel, Ene, and Valeo. […] Read more »

The Fatherless Father’s Day: Tips for Helping Kids Cope

Tiffany Papageorge, author of My Yellow Balloon, shares practical parenting advice on helping children get through the grief of a Fatherless Father's Day.

Today I have a fantastic guest post from Tiffany Papageorge, author of My Yellow Balloon, about children and the fatherless Father’s Day.   Before we get to that, a little background: Father’s Day was always a weird time for me. My dad was alive until I was 29, but I rarely saw him. He wasn’t a major part of my life growing up. He popped in from time to time. When I was 17, he showed up to my graduation and really did try harder to create a relationship with me. Still, we were never close. When he died, I mourned […] Read more »