When my son was about three years old, he asked me what love was. Since the day I found out about his existence, before he was bigger than a grain of rice and every day since , I make sure to tell him several times a day that I love him. Not just because it’s good for him to hear, not just because I want him to know how loved he is, but because I can’t contain myself. I love that kid so much, with every ounce of my being, that telling him once a day doesn’t seem like enough. When he asked me to explain love, I was at a loss for words. He may as well have asked me to explain where babies come from (which he has, but that’s another story). How do you explain such a simple yet difficult concept. I told him that love meant I would do anything to protect him, that he made my life a brighter place simply by existing, and that it meant no matter what ever happened, I would be there for him. I know that doesn’t even scratch the surface, but it was the best answer I could come up with.

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, that magical day where we take an extra moment to show how much we love each other. While a card seems like such a small way to say something so big, it can have a big impact. Most of us remember handing out cute little valentine cards to all our classmates, and bringing home a decorated box filled with silly or cute sentiments in return. It was always the highlight of my February as a child. Valentines Day is also a great time to send out cards for those who were too overwhelmed during the holiday season. Nearly everyone sends out Christmas cards, but imagine the delight in receiving a Valentine card from your best friend or a cousin that you rarely get to see.

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