From the Press Release:

“A new generation of heroes is about to explode out of the darkness to battle bad guys everywhere!

The new Rangers, Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Emily and Mike, harness the mystical Samurai Symbols of Power to fight evil with the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest and Earth.

They are not alone in their struggle. An all-knowing mentor and special spirit animals called Zords aid in their attack against the relentless dark forces.

Tune in to Nickelodeon on Sundays at noon.


Yes, moms and dads, the Power Rangers are back, much to the excitement of my five-year old son. As if Jungle Fury, Operation Overdrive, Ninja Storm, NPD, Mystic Force, Dino Thunder and any other Power Rangers series I may have missed weren’t enough to fill the toy-box with countless red, green, yellow, blue, pink and sometimes black and white figures, the franchise has once again launched another spin-off.

Honestly, this incarnation of the Power Rangers isn’t much different from the other incarnations. With five Rangers in all, it has two girls and three boys, including the typical goof-ball, the know-it-all with a softer side, the maternal girl, the slightly flakey girl and the klutz. The special effects are as cheesy as ever and the dialogue has me rolling my eyes at time. However, this is NOT a negative review, because the Power Rangers were not designed with me in mind.

My five year old son, however, perfectly fits the target demographic. He’s already obsessed with the Power Rangers and other super-heroes, and he was super excited about this show. I let him stay up slightly past his bedtime to catch the Monday night premier. He didn’t leave the TV once. I asked him what he thought of it and he said it’s awesome. Awesome is good!

As corny and cheesy as I find the Power Rangers, I can’t deny that they are a positive influence on children. We’ve read dozens of Ranger books, and every single one ends with a lesson about how the Rangers can only triumph by working together. In a very “me-centric” world, a message about relying on each other to get through tough times (or defeat wise-cracking CGI bad guys) is always a good thing.

Along with this recent incarnation of Power Rangers comes a new website, called emPOWER, geared towards helping parents and kids work together to support both their own well-being and that of the community. With fitness-centered videos such as “Train Like a Ranger,” printable goodies like the Knoweldge Center chart for making healthy choices, and the featured “Ranger of the Week,” the site provides tools to encourage and enhance smart living and teamwork in a manner that appeals to young children.

Note- this review was part of a One2One Network project. However, since my son is such a huge fan, I would have wrote about it on my own anyway. I am not receiving compensation (or even a guaranteed freebie, just a chance to win a freebie) for my opinion.