Nearly five years ago, before my son’s first birthday, I was searching for something cute and cuddly that would also help him sleep. He had several “loveys” already that he received from friends, but I wanted him to have something special from me too, something that he would treasure his whole life. I have a bear that is now almost 34 years old that is my most beloved possession, given to me by my aunt when I was two. While he liked all the stuffed animals I bought him, he never connected with any of them the way I did to “Mr. Bear” (hey, I was two, I didn’t grasp the concept of original names yet!).  So I went on the prowl, snuggling and discarding stuffed animal after stuffed animal. Too big, too small, too floppy, too hard. None of them struck me as “the one.”

Then one day, while browsing endlessly, I came across Cloud b. I saw this sweet little puppy, and I knew he was the one.

Cloud b Baby Gifts Review


The Lavender Lab has a scent packet inside him with a special blend of lavender, which promotes sleep and relaxation. Jake loved him from the moment he arrived. He snuggled him every night and took him everywhere we went. Now, nearly five years later, “Puppy” is his most beloved possession. He still sleeps with him every night, still takes him on trips and even in the car to the bus stop in the morning. Puppy lays with him while he watches TV, gets into mischief with him (it was all Puppy’s idea, Mommy!) during playtime and has a role in every childhood fantasy. For all the abuse Puppy has taken over the years, he’s held up remarkably well. Although he’s lost the majority of his lavender scent (for some odd reason, he now smells like cookies), if you squeeze him just right, you can still smell it just a little.

Since finding Puppy, I’ve bought Cloud b items for just about every baby shower. I also bought Jake the Twilight Turtle when he was two.

Cloud b Baby Gifts Review

He displays the constellations on the ceiling and around the room in three different colors- blue, green and amber. Like Puppy, Jake came to rely on the turtle every night at bedtime. He has a timer function and turns off after a little while. I think after about 45 minutes, I can’t remember exactly. I used him night after night for about two years before the blue bulb finally gave out. The green and amber, which I used less often at first, are still going strong. Back when I bought it, the above turtle was the only option. Now they have all sorts of cute creatures, include the sea turtle and the ladybug.

If you’re looking for something special for your own baby or trying to find a unique, memorable shower gift, I highly recommend Cloud b products. They definitely stand up to all the abuse little hands can dish out and they’re super cute.

Note- This is NOT a sponsored post. I believe so strongly in the great products at Cloud b that I wanted to share them with others.