Getting Excited for Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars!I just pre-ordered my copy of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone WarsGetting Excited for Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars! for the XBOX from Amazon. It’s $50, but they have a $10 future game credit deal going on. The Lego games are the only ones that I will pay full price for when they come out. My son and I play them together, and we get hours upon hours of enjoyment out of them, so it’s worth the high price. If you’ve never played the Lego video games, I highly suggest giving them a try. Jake started playing the Batman one when he was about 4, it was the first game he really got into. Since I’ve always been a big gamer, I was excited to finally be able to share that with him. They’re easy enough for young players, especially if you find the invincibility extra. I always looked up the code for that one, he gets frustrated easily when he dies and loses all his bolts. I kind of ruined Lego Indiana Jones with too many cheat codes though, so I also suggest not going wild with the codes. Bright Hub has a good article with the cheat codes for Batman, including those for extra characters that were available with McDonald’s Happy Meals.

The game took a departure from its usually “hub” formula when they came out with Indiana Jones 2. Instead of having a central location where you could return, buy extras and what not, and pick new levels, each story had a central hub that required hours of running around to find where you were supposed to go next. Harry Potter had two hubs- Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. While this departure from the old way did increase overall game time, it can get a little frustrating. I’m curious to see how they’ll do it in Clone Wars. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is also arriving this May, I’m a little more excited about that one than Jake is, he’s all about Star Wars these days.

I made you a lovely little widget (which, of course is embedded with my affiliate code because, hey, I need the money!) with all the Lego games. Lego Batman is only $6.99 for the XBOX right now. As I said, it’s a great starter game for younger children. Be sure to come back next week for my first impressions on the Clone Wars game! We’ll be getting it on the release date (3/22), and I’m sure we’ll dive right in after Jake finishes his homework.