Glow Crazy Light Doodler ReviewI entered just about every giveaway I could find trying to win this Glow Crazy thing because I thought it looked really cool. All my efforts finally paid off, I won the giveaway over at A Mom’s Take, one of my favorite review and giveaway sites.  I highly recommend checking out her blog if you’re not already following, she’s almost always hosting tons of awesome giveaways. I was really impressed with the fast turnaround to get my prize, it took less than a week to arrive.

Here’s the basic concept- you get two panels with some sort of magical glow-in-the-dark properties (honestly, I have no idea how they work) and a little pen-shaped wand called a “glow-beam generator.” Stick the panels on the wall, shoot the glow-beam at it and draw whatever you want. It includes three sheets of stencils as well.

Set-up was a cinch. The panels are very easy to stick to the wall. I am incapable of putting anything up straight, but I managed to get them up without any wrinkles. I hung them side by side (that didn’t go very well, as I said, I can’t hang things straight!) to increase the play area because while they’re long, they’re not all that wide. We then waited until dark (luckily it arrived late afternoon) and gave it a try.

Jake played with it for about ten minutes then moved on to something else. I played a little longer, because I secretly use my kid as an excuse to play with toys again. He goes back to it here and there, but it doesn’t hold his attention for long periods of time. That’s fine, I didn’t expect it to. As long as he gets some enjoyment out of it, I’m happy.

The one major downfall is that the wall clings do NOT stay up. They started to fall after about 15 minutes, and one got stuck to itself, practically ruining it. It’s all bumpy and torn in one spot now. The other fell and I managed to save it. I had to tape them in the corners to get them to stay up. The pen really does work from all the way across the room though, so Jake can lay in his bed and play if he wanted to. The glowing designs do fade pretty fast, which is both good (because you can move on to the next design very quickly) and bad (because you can’t really make anything that requires more than minute or so to complete, since it will be gone before you finish).

Overall, I’m really glad we won this because it’s an amusing toy, but I do think the $20 price tag is a little steep, especially considering the issue with the panels.