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I’m so excited to be doing another Tiny Prints campaign. After my first experience with them, they proved themselves to be a top-notch company. So when Global Influence sent out the email to sign up, I of course jumped right on that. We had a choice of three questions, and I chose “What has been – to date – your best Mother’s Day ever?” The answer came to mind right away: my first one, of course!

If you’ve ever read my other blog, Pretty Nameless, you already know about how hard I struggled to get pregnant. It took nearly six long, brutal years of trying.  All the tests determined that there was nothing physically wrong with me, so I remained one of the 10% of mystery infertility cases. Every single month was another punch in the gut, a complete and utter devastation. I was beyond depressed, and at times downright suicidal. Infertility is a nightmare that I can’t explain, and not having a solid answer as to why it’s happening makes it even worse. Finally, on November 22nd, 2004, those two magical, beautiful lines appeared on the pregnancy test stick. To say I was deliriously ecstatic, yet scared to death that it was a fluke, is an understatement.  Four tests later, and the two lines were still there.

My pregnancy was a text book one for the first few months- violent morning sickness right up until week 13, then it magically stopped, normal fetal development, normal aches and pains, normal glucose, normal everything. Then, at about 6.5 months, I developed  preeclampsia. However, it went undiagnosed until 7 months, when it was so severe that they had to send me to a hospital nearly an hour away that was better equipped to deal with a premature baby. Jake’s heart rate was dropping, my blood pressure and protein count was rising. So on June 14th, approximately 7.5 weeks before my due-date, I had an emergency c-section and delivered a 3lb, 5oz baby boy, complete with a broken arm. He was full breech (like is momma!) and the cord wrapped around his arm. When they pulled, it snapped. Amazingly, other than that, he was relatively healthy. He only needed forced oxygen for a day before they put him on room air. He had feeding tubes, but those came out after a week. On the 13th day, I was able to bring him home, although he was attached to a heart rate monitor for another month or so after that. I always said I’d give up if I wasn’t pregnant by my 30th birthday. Jake was born a little over 1 month before that deadline.

By the time that first Mother’s Day rolled around, Jake was nearly a year old, happy and healthy, and physically all caught up. I woke up that morning and for the first time in years, I didn’t dread the holiday. I didn’t spend it secretly crying (so as not to ruin it for others), trying to hide my misery, wondering when it would be my turn. Yes, the previous year I was already pregnant with Jake, so it wasn’t nearly as bad, but there is nothing like that first Mother’s Day when you child is safely out of the womb and in your arms. It was the best Mother’s Day ever.

My Best Mother's Day Ever

Holding my son for the first time. I’m still puffy from the 35 pounds of water weight I gained from the preeclampsia.

Had I known about Tiny Prints back then, I certainly would have used them to capture the day for me. Tiny Prints offers a wide variety of adorably sweet Mother’s Day Cards for all sorts of moms, (mom friends, mother-in-laws, grandmothers, etc). They also offer beautiful photo gifts, each one checked over by a professional to ensure the highest quality. Their customer service is top of the line. They create a personalized experience for each customer, and genuinely care about giving you the very best experience possible.

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