While I was in the coloring and crafty stuff aisle at Target (where I just realized I once again completely forgot to get what I actually went there for), I came across the RoseArt Color Castle Playhouse. Since Jake and I have been on an arts and crafts kick lately, it looked like a fun idea. I was a little apprehensive about spending $15 for what basically amounted to a cross between a large cardboard box and a coloring book, but I figured it even it only lasted two hours, it’s still cheaper than going to a movie. We brought it home, took it out of the box and stood it up. The castle is very easy to assemble, just insert the tabs in the slots on one side and voila!

100 1082 RoseArt Color Castle PlayhouseJake started coloring, but then we realized that it was way too hard to color while it was assembled. It flattens easily, even once it’s put together. The cardboard surface makes it hard to color if you’re a perfectionist. Thankfully, Jake and I are more of the “it’s good enough” line of thinking. Here you can see where I used watercolors to paint the doors (it leaves a lot of weird streaks, but dries fine) and Jake started putting the finishing touches on the crown.

100 1085 RoseArt Color Castle Playhouse

After about an hour and a half of coloring and still only finishing maybe 20% of the castle, Jake was getting antsy to play inside of it, so we decided to finish it later. You can look at that as a pro or a con. One the one hand, the sheer amount of work that you need to put into completing this project can seem daunting to a child who just wants to get inside and play. On the other hand, if you can live without perfection and completion, this just means that on the next rainy day you can take it out and work on it some more. Also, the castle isn’t exactly the sturdiest thing, but it’s a cardboard box so I wasn’t really expecting it to be able to hold up to a tornado. It did survive a 100 lb dog walking across it though. I think I will reinforce the insides with some masking tape or something, just to give it a little extra strength. But like I said before, even if it survives the weekend, that’s longer than the length of a movie, so it’s all a matter of perspective. We had fun, and I’m sure we’ll continue to have fun tomorrow until we get tired of coloring again. Here is the “not even close to finished” product:

100 1089 RoseArt Color Castle Playhouse

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