Auric Blends Roll-On PerfumeI won my choice of Auric Blends roll-on perfume from Flip Flop Reviews a few weeks ago. Prior to entering the giveaway, I’d never heard of the company before. Auric Blends creates, among other things, hand-blended oil-based perfumes in a variety of scents. I’m a little picky about perfume. I’m not a big fan of floral scents, I prefer either fruity or nutty(kind of like me!), , either as a base or top note, so I went with the Honey Almond. I used to have something similar from the Body Shop years ago, and haven’t found anything that matched it since.

Auric Blends comes pretty close. True to its name, the perfume smells like I imagine toasted almonds coated with honey would smell. Actually, come to think of it, it kind of smells a little like an anisette sponge, which could explain my sudden cravings (because the other alternative for sudden cravings would, quite frankly, require several miracles rolled into one at the point). I really like it. It’s such a warm scent, perfect for a cold afternoon of writing. I also appreciate how quickly they got my prize out to me. I’ve been lucky with about 90% of my giveaway wins lately, they all arrive very quickly, which definitely enhances my overall view of the sponsoring company and makes me much more likely to return and actually spend my own money.

Auric Blends also sent along a small vial of their new Love perfume, which they describe as warm and spicy. Now, maybe the sample just doesn’t do it justice, or maybe it’s the floral undertones that are turning me off, but I thought the scent was way too subtle (and I appreciate subtle usually, I can’t stand over-whelming scent that screams “hey, I bathed in my perfume this morning!”) and not enough spice. I’ll give it this much, it is a sweet scent (innocent-sweet, not sickly, rotten fruit sweet), perfect for the office or someplace where you don’t want to overwhelm those around you.

The roll-on perfume costs $7.50 for 1/3 ounce, which actually goes a long way. I’ve used it several times and haven’t even put a dent in it yet.