Cranes 4 A CureI received this email from Blog PR Wire about Cranes 4 A Cure, started by Lizzie, a 9-year old girl who is making origami cranes to raise money to help find a cure for juvenile diabetes. I try not to blog about causes that often because they don’t really fit the overall theme of the blog, but this little girl is just too adorable and driven to pass up. Children and animals have always been the two things that can tug at my heart strings the hardest.

Lizzie is making 1,000 origami cranes because she heard that once someone makes that many, they get a wish. For Cranes 4 A Cureevery $1 contribution that she receives, she will make one crane, with the donor’s name on it. Once she reaches 1,000, her mom will help her string them all together and she will give them to the Juvenile Diabetes foundation along with the money. According to her blog (on which she documents her progress, complete with adorable pictures) and the television interview from her local news station, Lizzie started this project after her little sister had a seizure and the doctors suspected juvenile diabetes. Her sister has to have her finger pricked often to check her blood glucose levels (thankfully, so far,  she does not have diabetes), and Lizzie’s mom has a lot of friends whose children have diabetes. In the innocent words of the 3rd grader, Lizzie says “it isn’t fair” that a lot of kids have diabetes.

Juvenile diabetes, now called Type 1 because it can strike at any age, affects about three million Americans, according to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Every year, nearly 15,000 children are diagnosed with the disease. It is a lifelong condition, and as of now there is no cure.

Check out Lizzie’s blog to track her progress, see how beautifully made all her cranes are, and perhaps chip in $1 to help her reach her goal.