Earth Angel Minerals offers a wide range of mineral make-up, all made with colors safe to use on your face, eyes, and lips. Christine, the mastermind behind the products, never uses any sort of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or any other nasty additives, making her products perfect for sensitive skin like mine.

I ordered a sample pack from Earth Angels Minerals about a month or so ago, but it must have come on one of the days that we have a substitute mailman, which means nothing gets delivered to the right address. This is a common problem in my development, and usually the right package finds it way to the right person eventually, but sometimes things get lost forever. Christine was quick to remedy this for me, even though it wasn’t her fault. Right away this impressed me, I love when people actually care about customer service!

Etsy Sore Review- Earth Angel MineralsThe package arrived filled with cute little samples of various products, including several shades of eyeshadow (Medium Cocoa, Glamour Girl, Lemon Sugar), Briar Rose for eyes, lips, and cheeks, Revive Me moisturizing facial Serum, Super Rich facial cleanser, Aloe and Rose Hydrating Creme, and her best selling Butter Cream skin balancer.

My picture doesn’t do the shades justice, so be sure to check out her store for a more accurate image. This was taken after I already used quite a bit, the samples are generous. Depending on whether you prefer a softer touch or a heavier dose of color, I’d say they last anywhere from 5-10 applications. I used them while working at the mall, so I went with the more subtle look. That’s the great thing about mineral make-up, it’s so easy to intensify the color just by adding a little more.

I love the Lemon Sugar eye color, especially because I am not a morning person and it made me look like I was actuallyEtsy Sore Review- Earth Angel Minerals awake. It really brightened up my bleary eyes. For days when I’m actually awake while applying make-up, I really liked the Glamor Girl because it’s such an intense color. I tried to take a picture, but it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself with your eyes closed. But I’m sharing my feeble attempt anyway. I’ve cropped out my eyebrows as much as possible because when viewed up close, I realized I really need to pluck them or something!

The Aloe and Rose Hydrating Creme feels great on parched skin. I used it at the end of a long day working in the mall, where the moisture just seems to get sucked right out of your skin. I feel like a dessert rock by the end of the day, and this creme really helped put some life back into my skin. The Super Rich cleanser took everything off without leaving behind any sort of residue or leaving me with the tight, dry feeling that some cleansers leave behind. Briar Rose is the perfect shade for my skin tone, and again it’s easy to go as heavy or light as you prefer. Christine is amazing because when I asked for the review package, I didn’t give her any color choices, I just told her my eye color and skin tone, and said “surprise me.”

The Butter Cream Skin Balancer and Eyelid Primer is currently Earth Angel Minerals’ top seller for a good reason- it is extremely versatile. Use it to tame redness or blotchy spots and brighten up your eyes. I mixed a little in the Revive serum and used it as an under-eye concealer. You can use it wet or dry, anywhere you need a little balancing action. Butter Cream is up for a National Beauty Award this year, and it definitely deserves to win.

Stop by Earth Angel Minerals and check out all the beautiful colors and varieties. She offers several sampler packs and inexpensive “try-me” sized jars.